Staying in De Lanna Boutique Hotel

Third trip in Chiang Mai. I can't get enough of Northern Thailand. Once again, I am determined to discover more about the local culture. Whereof, I book a beautiful room in a typical Northern Thai Lanna style Boutique Hotel, nestled in the center of the old Chiang Mai: De Lanna Boutique Hotel.

Hotel Review: De Lanna Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

Lanna is the given name of a prosperous self ruling kingdom, once the power base of the whole Northern Thailand. The title means 'Land of a million rice fields'.

When choosing a hotel, I aim for those that are small, thoughtfully designed and bring in elements of the location's culture and unique feel. De Lanna Boutique Hotel portrays well Northern Thailand, with a beautiful Northern Thai architecture, local fabrics and gorgeous handicrafts. 

Checking in De Lanna in the heart of the old city...

Arriving in Chiang Mai's hot weather after a long day at work, we are happy to meet De Lanna Boutique Hotel's friendly staff, check in quickly in our lovely home and jump into the refreshing pool. It's conveniently situated just next to the bar, so we just cannot resist to their delicious fruit cocktails before heading to the Sunday Walking Street Market -which is not even 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel! 

Not only De Lanna Boutique Hotel is a beautiful tranquil oasis in the midst of the city, but it's also a great place to enjoy live music by the pool. Yes, they have concerts live at night. Suffice to say, our first night in Chiang Mai was pretty relaxing. 

Hotel Review: De Lanna Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

Modern with a traditional and exotic feel, the rooms are spacious and comfortable. Along with the hotel, there is a spa, a restaurant and a café. And then the pool, and a pond going all around the garden, filled with elegant carpe koi. In the trees, many lanterns, giving a soothing dim light...

We didn't feel like being in a hotel, but more like a second home -a relaaaxed retreat. The hotel scene is growing and changing pretty fast in Chiang Mai. New boutique hotels and guesthouses are springing up like desert flowers and there are so many options it's getting hard to choose where to stay in Chiang Mai. If you are looking for a peaceful yet traditional hotel where you can get pampered for reasonable prices, De Lanna Boutique Hotel is a perfect fit.

This stay wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of De Lanna Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai. However all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced. It is a lovely place to stay!