A tour of one of the most luxurious hotels in Cape Town

We knew it was a very private place. Luxurious, with spectacular views and impeccable service. But we never expected THAT. Ellerman House has far exceeded our expectations. Oh, I don't even know where to start...

Luxury in Cape Town: Ellerman House

Imagine the ultimate luxury experience with unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean and Robben Island. A perfectly manicured garden. A staff aux petits soins. A delicious cuisine. A private art gallery featuring some of the most renowned artists in South Africa. A magnificent wine cellar. A tranquil SPA that makes you feel like home. Perched on the slopes of Lion's Head in the prestigious Bantry Bay residential area of Cape Town, Ellerman House competes with the finest in the world.

This extraordinary boutique hotel is very exclusive. Normally, only the guests can enjoy the beauty of the place and the restaurant, but thanks to this blog - therefore, thanks to YOU, dear readers :) -, we've been invited for a tour and quite a special lunch on the terrace...

A walk through Luxurious Ellerman House

welcome in a unique Edwardian mansion...

Once the home of Sir John and Lady Ellerman, distinguished shipping magnates and investors, Ellerman is now a one of a kind hotel in Cape Town. It is the essence of luxury, refinement and exceptional service. And while it's elegant with a glamorous and contemporary feel, it has that laid-back vibe that could almost make you feel at home. 

With its elevated position overlooking the bay, from the road, you can only imagine the view you'll get on the other side. You enter through a humble front door, walk across the lounge, to discover a jaw-dropping panorama.

It's our first day in Cape Town. We've just dropped our bags in Manna Bay Boutique Hotel, and now here we are, looking at that breathtaking view of the bay. Everything is so perfect. What did we do to deserve that?!

It's A Gourmet Cuisine in an amazing setting!

Arrives the menu -therefore, arrives our one and only problem of the day: to choose between all these vibrant and innovative recipes. They're all so tempting! The chef and his team use only fresh local ingredients and organic fruits and vegetables. They excel in creating new dishes, paired with the finest wines recommended by the Sommelier. 

The marinated eggplant and mozzarella salad is sensational -with a hint of mint, it's perfection. The citrus and anise cured salmon incredible. And the oven roasted ostrich! A delight. -And now just writing about it I'm getting hungry. 

After a long, relaxed lunch on the terrace, we are invited for a tour of the property. The gardens set the precedent of the rest of Ellerman House. It's perfectly neat, with ponds, koi, exotic plants, giant palm trees, fountains, colorful flowers... Throughout the whole property, we can see there's a large emphasis placed on art -it's everywhere, even on your plate!

That's one of the things that made me love Cape Town so much: THE CREATIVITY!

The art is everywhere in ellerman house.

The house features an extensive collection of South African art. It's not only on their private art gallery, but on every wall, in the garden, in the wine cellar... Walking through Ellerman, we feel like we're visiting the house of a friend -who has very good taste!-, more than visiting a hotel.

And when you think you have discovered it all, you hear about the magnificent wine cellar.

the wine gallery itself is a work of art.

It could be a private lounge, a museum, a movie set -it's a wine gallery. You enter in a massive room surrounded by lush gardens outside. On the left stands the most unique and incredible piece of art: a terroir wall made up of soil samples from 100 wine farms for all over the world. It's magnificent. Each rammed earth creation is in a copper frame, engraved with the farm name and GPS co-ordinates of the soil sample hole. Quite a unique map!

In the center, a spectacular piece of art, The Corkscrew. It displays 1.500 bottles in a way that exists nowhere else in the world -a 3.2m high - 6m long literal translation of a corkscrew. There's also a sublime sculpture of a grapevine in bronze, created by artist Nic Bladen.

And there's the wine! The Ellerman Wine Cellar holds more than 7,500 South African wines. Certified Sommelier by Court of Sommeliers Americas, Manuel Cabello of Chilean origin, is in charge of nurturing this incredible collection.

Luxury in Cape Town: Ellerman House

We're speechless. Nothing about Ellerman is expected. It's all surprises. No two rooms are the same, there's detail in everything that can be seen, from floor to ceiling. Add the sunshine, the fresh sea air, the glamour and comfort of Ellerman, and you're in paradise. What was supposed to be "just a lunch" happened to be a memorable experience. 

This is where you stay if you want to taste South Africa, understand South Africa, and experience South Africa.

This stay wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of Ellerman House's team. However all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced. Seriously, just watch the photos. Ohhh and the FOOD! We are so happy we could discover such a special place, once again thank you readers, this blog wouldn't exist without you!

A few things about Ellerman House...

  • Ellerman House is situated on the Atlantic Seaboard’s Kloof Road in Bantry Bay, Cape Town
  • The hotel has 11 rooms, 2 suites and a private villa. 
  • I could list all the special features of Ellerman House one by one, but instead I leave you to discover the them on their website
  • Ellerman House attracts the A-List celebrities and guests from around the world -including the Kardashians, Sean Penn, Nicholas Cage, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey. Yeah baby!
  • Ellerman House is consistently voted within the top hotels in Africa.