Between Past and Present: Checking in The Blue Indigo Lijiang

Lots of travelers warned us: with its chaotic roads, teeming population and challenging language, China can be an exhausting destination. Even when you love to feel like a real explorer! That's why we decided to book a room in the most special hotel on the Tea Horse Road, for some luxury and comfort before our trek in the mountains: the Blue Indigo Lijiang...

Situated half way of our Yunnan trip itinerary, Lijiang is a gorgeous old town of Yunnan, dating to the late Song dynasty. It encompasses cobblestone streets, canals and a spectacular natural scenery around. Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, it used to be part of the legendary Silk Road.

We wanted a break from the spirited road trip, some time to slow down, explore Lijiang and discover the Naxi ethnic minority. The Blue Indigo came as an evidence.

Checking in the Blue Indigo Lijiang

After a long and chaotic bus trip from Dali, we finally arrive in Lijiang. Then from the bus station, we take the wrong bus, get lost, take another wrong bus, meet a couple of lovely locals, try to communicate with them via a translator app, get escorted to the right bus stop, hop on, and finally make it to the Blue Indigo Lijiang -which was only 5min walk from the first bus station. Anyway... getting lost is never a waste of time when traveling, right?  

Thus, after a long, epic journey, at last, we can put our backpacks down and have a rest. Lijiang used to be a main stop for the horses and traders on the Silk Road, so the hotel is designed around the horse theme. It's a beautiful yet original blend of tradition and design -a universe between past and present. 

Blue Indigo Lijiang, Yunnan

Our room is massive -pretty much the size of our apartment in Hong Kong... it's not hard so to beat though- and features signature artwork and creative details, from an origami horse on the bed to horseshoe hangers. This is so unique! On the wall, an inspiring painting of the nearby Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. I was expecting an arty atmosphere, but this is downright jaw dropping! 

Outside, the gardens are perfectly neat, featuring ponds, fountains and sculptures. Each room is part of a small "house", so the Blue Indigo Lijiang looks actually more like a traditional old town than a hotel. And this makes our stay particularly special. You see, we spend our days exploring the streets of Lijiang, immersed in the Tea Horse Caravan Trail atmosphere. We love it so much there's no need to go back to reality, we don't want to feel like we're back in the hotel. In Blue Indigo Lijiang, we don't. We keep discovering even when we're done exploring.

The Blue Indigo Lijiang perfectly merges caravan culture and local folklore in their decor and design... and not only. The chef of the Charm Restaurant uses Yunnan's abundant fresh ingredients to creative an inspired menu, with classic dishes of the Tea Horse Trail and a heavy focus on the vibrant cuisine of Yunnan. The Blue Indigo Lijiang is a destination itself! 

The restaurant reflects the atmosphere of the Tea Horse Caravan Trail, and the food too.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of The Blue Indigo Lijiang. However all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced. Our trip in Yunnan was made of beautiful surprises, and Blue Indigo was one of them. Check out their Instagram, Hotel Indigo has got beautiful and creative establishments all around the globe!