Stellenbosch : Checking in Absolute bosch Guest house

After our fantastic week in Cape Town, we took the road to a whole different world, only 45 minutes drive from the city: Stellenbosch. This little town is known for its chic and relaxed atmosphere, its fresh air, its food and great wineries.

Where to stay in Stellenbosch : Absolute Bosch Guest House

Stellenbosch looks so lovely, we just arrived and already are super excited about our stay -can't wait to explore! Instead of staying downtown, we chose a beautiful guest house in the quiet neighborhood of Die Boord: Absolute Bosch. It's a perfect combination between elegance and creativity, set in a tropical and colorful decor. The best part of it? The owner, Liza-Mari, who seems to be IN LOVE with the region, and has enough advices on what to do and where to eat & drink in Stellenbosch for you to stay a month!

If you're looking for a cosy guest house to stay in Stellenbosch that makes you feel like you're staying at a friend's home, Absolute Bosch Guest House is your place! 

Checking in Absolute Guest House

We are so impatient to discover the region that we hit the road early in the morning. We arrive in Stellenbosch earlier than expected, Liza-Mari is not here yet. While waiting, we get acquainted with the staff, and part of the family: a fun/crazy little dog who wouldn't stop jumping around, looking for new friends to play with and a cute/lazy cat lying down on the terrace. Coming from Hong Kong where there's neither pets nor gardens, we are over the Moon! It feels like home already. 

Liza-Mari soon arrives to explain all about Stellenbosch, about Absolute Bosch Guest House, which is a family business (there's also Absolute Beach, another beautiful place in Britannia Bay!) and gives us a tour of the property.

an elegant home in Stellenbosch

Surrounded by renowned vineyards, Stellenbosch is an elegant town with a beautiful colonial architecture and a lovely atmosphere. It's also known as a top wedding venue destination and that the reason that brought us here -as you've seen on Instagram, we were invited to a magnificent wedding in Zorgvliet Wine Estate.

We couldn't be more grateful to our friends: we wouldn't have thought about a stop in Stellenbosch during our trip in Cape Town, as we didn't know the region -it would have been a shame to miss that!


Stellenbosch is a lively little town with many picturesque restaurants and boutiques. Perfect for a laid-back weekend out of Cape Town! As we came for a wedding, we knew we'd need a quiet place to stay after partying, so we discovered Absolute Bosch, "a home away from home", as they say on their website. A beautiful surprise.

The guest house holds a small range of comfortable rooms in a relaxed yet chic atmosphere. In the morning, a homemade buffet breakfast is served in the dining room with fresh fruits, delicious jams -ohhh these jams!-, bread, eggs, tea and coffee, and a choice of indoor our outdoor seating. You can feel it's a family business, far from the classic hotels, Absolute Bosch Guest House is welcoming place for all travelers, with a unique charm. 

A great bedroom with an arty touch

When I discovered Absolute Bosch Guest House, one thing that caught my eye was the creativity of the interior design. And when we got there, I wasn't disappointed! The arty touch is subtile and everywhere in the meantime. There are little touches of colors, lovely crafts, art deco pieces and retro ones. The owner managed to create a true personality to each room, playing with colors and contrasts. 

The size of our bedroom is incredible. There's a king size bed, a sofa, a tv, a desk, a big bathroom, and still it feels very spacious. The big windows offer great natural light and a view on the street.

On a table, a box of homemade cookies as a welcome treat -how cool is that? We also have a bottle of Sherry available for tasting -a delicious fortified wine waiting for us to celebrate.

Where to stay in Stellenbosch : Absolute Bosch Guest House

[I have to admit now that I'm back in Hong Kong writing this post, I am DREAMING about being back there by the pool, sipping my wine and watching at the stars... Oh, I didn't tell you about the pool!?]

a Tropical garden just for us

While all the guests are out exploring, we enjoy a tranquil afternoon, alone by the pool. For the first time during our trip in South Africa, we can actually go into the pool, as the water isn't even cold! Around us: banana trees, palm tress, exotic plants, a little pond with carps koi and fountains... And the sound of the birds singing. It's so peaceful, you'd just want time to stop for a moment.

Where to stay in Stellenbosch : Absolute Bosch Guest House

We loved staying in Absolute Bosch Guest House and I'd recommend it to anyone who want to a relaxed stay in Stellenbosch for a fair price. This stay wouldn't have been possible without the help and support of Liza-Mari. However all above written expresses my own opinion and has not been influenced. This is a perfect option if you want a break from regular hotels and from the crowds! Check out their Facebook page for news and photos about the place. Enjoy Stellenbosch!