Sometimes, it can be a holy mess to travel by yourself, as a woman. Or to travel as a couple. Or, well, to live as an expat in a city where you don't know anybody, alone with your lover-forever, which will become, choice to you, your best-friend or your worst enemy.

At times, you'll want to plan your trip to make sure everything will be smooth and easy. Then you'll realize that one of the best way to get the infos are blogs. I've spent hours online, trying to prepare my numerous adventures in Indonesia, to know what to take for my road trip in New Zealand, or to figure out what to do during my stop-overs.

After miiiles of traveling, I've decided to make my experiences useful for other travelers.


*Why this name ? 
I love that feeling of extreme freedom on the road, watching landscapes passing by, with the perfect music going through the radio -it makes me thrill. In my mind, traveling rhymes with miles. And, obviously it makes me happy.

Miles and miles of happiness

a Little bit about me?

Bonjour // Hi ! I'm Marie, a French designer and serial expat, passionate about our beautiful planet. 



I was 21. So far, I had realized many of my dreams. Living abroad. Being graduated from Art School. I had just moved to Paris to work in an advertising agency. Working on fascinating projects. Living in a big apartment with my best friends as roommates. On top of that, I had just met the guy. It was all perfect. Until one day, I asked myself a question: WHAT'S NEXT? My life was great, but I was in search for more challenge. How could I take it to the next level? I wanted to go on the direction of my fears. To grow. Discover. Become that girl. 

Despite the fact that a fabulous career opportunity was opening to me in Paris and that I was madly in love with him, I applied for a Working Holiday Visa and bought a ticket to New Zealand. The day I hopped on that plane, I realized lots of things. Why I left everything to go solo. Why I really needed that trip. 

I was on my way to stop waiting and start doing.

After a few months traveling solo, my LFF* (*Loved Frog Forever) surprised me by showing up on my door step, in Motueka, NZ, something like 18.500 kms away from home. Since then, we've been traveling together, living in France, in Indonesia, then got married in Paris before moving to Hong Kong.

Traveling soon became a lifestyle. Today it's been almost six years since we're on the road, we're expecting a new buddy to join the tribe anytime now, and wouldn't trade our life for a world.


A Few dates

2012: The beginning of the Adventure - in NZ
2013: We're moving to Indonesia !
2014: A wedding and a bucketlist
2014: We're moving to Hong Kong !
2014: Japan: love at first sight
2014: Our trek in the Nepal Himalayas
2015: A trip back to the roots in South France
2016: Our first time in Africa: Bonjour Maurice !
2016: Running with the gods in Angkor temples
2016: A dream come true: New York baby!
2017: An epic ski trip in Honshu, Japan
2017: (Another) dream come true: Cape Town
2017: New in the tribe, Noah has arrived!

Illustration by Marie Pottiez - Miles of Happiness

next adventures/dreams?

A road trip in Canada, Scandinavia under the snow, Christmas in Strasbourg, city trip in San Francisco and surf in Hawaii. Stay tuned!

What else -our little tribe is going to expand with a tiny milk drinking machine soon! Initially I wanted to adopt a koala since I hugged one in Australia, tried to convince G, with no luck. A baby should be fun too!

It's not just about luck!

I have not won the lottery, and nobody helped me to finance my trips. I've just decided to make travels my priority in life. 

Luck implies some sort of random chance. And circumstances outside of your control.

Everything I’ve done so far, I did it because I wanted to. I made a conscious effort to travel around the world and took hard decisions like selling my stuff and moving away from home, leaving friends and family behind. I'm a Creative Freelancer -my job implies illustration & copywriting (curious?). That's how I can afford my ever growing bucket list. I have a pretty normal life. With work, routine, and bills.

discover the best of 2017 in video

Let's get in touch!

Feel free to drop me a line on my contact page. I'm always happy to talk travel. :)

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