Sometimes, it can be a holy mess to travel by yourself, as a woman. Or to travel as a couple. Or, well, to live as an expat in a city where you don't know anybody, alone with your lover-forever, which will become, choice to you, your best-friend or your worst enemy.

At times, you'll want to plan your trip to make sure everything will be smooth and easy. Then you'll realize that one of the best way to get the infos are blogs. I've spent hours online, trying to prepare my trip in Indonesia, to know what to take for my road-trip in New Zealand, or to figure out what to do during my stop-overs.

After miiiles of traveling, I've decided to make my experiences useful for other travelers.


*Why this name ? 
I love that feeling of extreme freedom on the road, watching the landscape passing, with the perfect music going through the radio -it makes me thrill. In my mind, traveling rhymes with miles. And, obviously it makes me happy.

The Plane - by Marie Pottiez

a Little bit about me?

Hi! I'm Marie, a French designer, passionate about our beautiful planet. 



I was 21. So far, I had realized all my dreams. Living abroad. Being graduated from Art School. I had just moved in Paris to work in an advertising agency. Working on great projects. Living in a big apartment with my friends. And I had just met the perfect guy. Then one day, I asked myself a question: what's next?

My life was fine, but far from perfection. How could I bring it to the next level? I knew I needed to work on myself. On my fears. I wanted to change. To become that girl. TO DARE. The day I took the plane for my very first trip, I realized lots of things. Why I left everything to go solo. Why I needed that trip. 

I was on my way to stop waiting and start doing.

After a few months traveling solo, my LFF* (*Loved Frog Forever) surprised me by showing up on my door step, in Motueka, NZ, something like 18.500 kms away from home. Since then, we've been traveling together, living in France, in Indonesia, then got married in Paris before moving to Hong Kong.

Traveling soon became a lifestyle. Everyday is new opportunity to experience the world. I want to learn. TO GROW.

The PLaces WE've Explored...


A Few dates

1999: Martinique, first trip overseas
2012: New Zealand, 1st solo backpacker trip
2013: Indonesia, expatriation in Jakarta
2014: Hong Kong, our new home
2014: Japan, Love at first sight
2014: Himalayas, the experience of a lifetime
2015: Okinawa, the land of longevity
2015: South France, trip back to the roots
2016: Hokkaido, winter road trip in Japow

What's next?

I LOVE my adoptive city. We plan to stay in Hong Kong for a few years, time to enjoy Asia and to eat thousands of Dim Sum -a French couple who loves food, how original!

What else -there's a new buddy about to join the tribe. I wanted to adopt a koala since I've hugged one in Australia, tried to convince G, but got a baby instead. Should be a fun adventure!

It's not just about luck!

I have not won the lottery, and I didn't asked money to my family before leaving. I've just decided to make travels my priority in life. I first thought it will be a way to save money for my backpacking trip, then it naturally became a lifestyle.



Luck implies some sort of random chance. And circumstances outside of your control.

Everything I’ve done so far, I did it because I wanted to. I made a conscious effort to travel around the world. I made hard decisions like selling my stuff and moving away from home, leaving friends and family.

I'm a Creative Freelancer -my job implies graphic design, illustrations & copywriting (curious?). A good to avoid being bored -and of course to afford my ever growing bucket list. This statuts suits perfectly to my travel lifestyle.

So no, I'm not a lucky b**ch who just spend her time traveling. I have a pretty normal life. With work, routine, and bills.

Let's get in touch!

Feel free to drop me a line on my contact page. I'm always happy to talk travel. :)

To get more inspiration, pictures, videos and fresh news, you can follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo & Instagram, and like my Facebook Page. And to buy some of my designs, check out my shop!

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