Quick Guide to Siem Reap

We went in Cambodia for the temples and the Angkor Empire Half Marathon. Siem Reap was just a base, we never really planned to explore the city, so we arrived there with no expectations. Until I met Alida in Maison 557 -an expat literally IN LOVE with the city.

Quick Guide to Siem Reap

Siem Reap happens to be a trendy little city with hipster cafés, designer shops, art galleries and much more. We enjoyed getting lost in its tiny alleys, discovering new surprises in every corner. It's definitely worth a stop -it was actually perfect in the middle of our stay, to have a break from the temples. 

I've compiled for your the best of Siem Reap -with a special love for n°3!

10 good addresses to discover in Siem Reap

If you have your own favorite places in Siem Reap, please share them in the comments! 

1. Café artillery for awesome smoothies

Situated right next to Maison 557, Café Artillery is a cute organic café with a neat pastel/retro atmosphere -a perfect work spot for digital nomads. The food is good, and the smoothies EXCELLENT -and healthy!-. [Near St 25 on Wat Bo Road, Siem Reap]

Quick Guide to Siem Reap

2. Senteurs d'Angkor for an awakening of senses

Where you simply want to buy everything... We spent about an hour in this shop, trying to figure out what to buy between spices, essential oils, soaps, tea and candles. The store itself is very nice, the products good quality, and the prices friendly. Perfect for beautiful gifts and souvenirs. [275 Psaa Chas, 2 Thnou St, Siem Reap]

3. su su for gorgeous handbags

One of the highlights of my discoveries in Siem Reap! Su su is a brand of handbags designed in Japan and made in Cambodia. The mix between the two cultures offers a very unique collection. I love the spirit of the brand -they aim to support women in Cambodia-, the beauty of the creations and the kindness of the staff. I know this is the one stop I will HAVE to do if whenever I come back in Siem Reap. [Pari's Alley, 14 The-Lane, Siem Reap]

Quick Guide to Siem Reap

4. Le tigre de papier for a banana flower salad

We were starving and up for anything, so we choose the first restaurant we saw. What a good instinct! Le Tigre de Papier is actually known for its delicious authentic khmer cuisine -and we can tell why now that we've tasted it! [Street 8, Siem Reap]

5. Gelato lab for irresistible handmade gelato

We've discovered the Gelato Lab by chance and couldn't resist to their handmade ice creams. Not only their creations are delicious, but the cafe is also a really nice place to chill out, situated in the lovely Alley West. I dare you to resist their desserts! [Alley West, Siem Reap]

Quick Guide to Siem Reap


This is one of the places where you can get some authentic Kampot pepper in Siem Reap. Make your choice between the beautiful gift boxes, the red, white or black pepper... [10, St 7, Pub St Area, Siem Reap]

7. Les Chantiers Ecoles for some culture

When it rains and your tuk tuk driver refuses to drive you to the temples anymore, you have to keep yourself busy. So I walked to Artisans d'Angkor, which is supposed to be an excellent address for shopping in Siem Reap. Then instead of shopping, I went on a guided tour in Les Chantiers Ecoles just next door, to discover the techniques of wood and stone sculpture and traditional silk painting. It's fascinating to discover Cambodia's beautiful craft -a tour I'd definitely recommend! [Stung Thmey Stree, Siem Reap]

Quick Guide to Siem Reap

8. CHANREY TREE RESTAURANT for a romantic dinner

Right by the river, Chanrey Tree restaurant offers a stunning setting for a romantic dinner under the stars. Don't forget to book in advance, as it is a renowned address in Siem Reap. And try the fresh rolls -believe me on that one! ;)  [Pokambor Ave, Siem Reap] 

9. Maison 557 for an intimate garden retreat

For an intimate garden retreat in Siem Reap, stay in this Cambodian 50's inspired colonial villa. More than a Bed & Breakfast, Maison 557 is a perfect oasis to relax, far from the noise and the agitation of the city. This address made me love Siem Ream even more, as it really gave me the sensation to be home.

Quick Guide to Siem Reap

10. NIGHT MARKET for some shopping & fresh juices

I've seen many night markets in the past 4 years of traveling in Asia -Siem Reap Night Market is with no doubt part of the top 3! No 'made in China' here, it's all authentic and unique. A walk in the market is a perfect way to end your trip with a bit of shopping, fresh fruit juice and some live music. 

Quick Guide to Siem Reap