An intimate garden retreat in Siem Reap

It took me more than three years in Asia to finally come discover the iconic sights of Cambodia. To make this trip memorable, I've chosen to book a room in one of the most elegant and cosy bed & breakfast in Siem Reap, Maison 557. After each day exploring Angkor temples or running with the Gods, I needed a clean, quiet place to escape. Maison 557 was the one.

Maison 557: An intimate garden retreat in Siem Reap

Maison 557 is a Cambodian 1950s inspired colonial villa, with guest rooms and suites within a lush tropical garden. The building blends old-world charm with contemporary style, for an elegant result. Situated in heart of Siem Reap, this intimate garden retreat is a real oasis...

Let me take you on a tour on my Cambodian home sweet home!

Checking in our home in Siem Reap : Maison 557

It's been a while since I've been someplace I've never been before. I'm waiting my visa in Siem Reap airport, those fifteen minutes wait are getting unbearable. I want to see Cambodia, to meet people, taste the food, discover the architecture. I can't wait to get out of this airport, drop my bags at the hotel and go exploring. I'm sooo impatient!

An hour later, I step to Maison 557's gateway, and I am immediately transported into a separate world, defined by tropical gardens and the sophistication of a colonial villa. My mood instantly changes to serene and happy. No rush. No stress. Enters Alida, who greets me warmly in this beautiful oasis. Apparently, she is as passionate about the life in Siem Reap and the surroundings that I am excited to discover it! We sit in the garden to talk about Cambodia around a drink for a while, until she announces me she's got a surprise for me... She upgraded me to the Villa Suite.

Maison 557: An intimate garden retreat in Siem Reap

The room I booked is stunning, I didn't know it could get any better. Set in the main colonial building, the Villa Suite boasts a huge bedroom and lounge which gives out to a private terrace, and the best of all: a private pool and garden. I cannot believe it. I feel like I have arrived at a friend's house. This is so perfect, I might never be able to leave this place. 

The room is tastefully decorated, featuring local art works. It's all very bright and airy, and come equipped with a spacious modern bathroom -huuuge open-plan shower room. The king size bed is also enormous, and so comfortable it's hard to chose between lounge chair by the pool and bed under the fan for my afternoon naps. Though life. The suite is impregnated with essential oils, which creates a relaxing atmosphere in this serene cocoon.

But all of this -the Villa Suite, the adorable staff, the great location in Siem Reap, the decoration, the perfume- is nothing. It's nothing compare to that one thing. You know, the thing... THE BREAKFAST.

Maison 557: An intimate garden retreat in Siem Reap

I have had a lot of fantastic breakfasts over the last 4 years of traveling. The refreshing post-surf-session pancakes on the beach in Batu Karas. The luxurious buffet overviewing the city in Banyan Tree Bangkok. The exotic breakfast by Tamarind Village's pool in Chiang Mai. All perfect. Scrumptious. Lovely.

Maison 557 takes it to another level...

The simple yet authentic tableware coupled with the private tropical garden and the home-made food gives perfect combination between elegance and home feel. On my first morning in Maison 557, I did a sunrise yoga session by the pool, then fifteen minutes later, while getting out of the shower, I heard some discrete noise outside. The table was dressed, and someone was waiting for me, asking me how I like my eggs. Is this heaven? Arrives a parade of delights: tropical fruits, yoghurt, house-made muesli, breads and pastries (their coconut roll is to die for!), eggs any style, fresh juice, tea or coffee.

So this is it. The best breakfast I have had in my many years of traveling. August 7th, we are back from my Angkor Empire Half Marathon with G, who surprised me by meeting me in Siem Reap the day before to support me during the race (my husband is pretty awesome), when Alida comes to congratulate me on my performance. Then after a quick swim in the pool, arrives the best post-race-breakfast ever. I'm already thinking of coming back next year. For the race obviously -but also for that breakfast.

Maison 557 is a 15-minutes drive away from Siem Reap International Airport, 20 minutes tuk tuk from Angkor temples, and a short walking distance from Siem Reap old market area and restaurants, shops, cafes and bar within the town. They have great advices on where to eat, which market to visit, etc. Don't miss the smoothie next door in Artillery Café -healthy, excellent and ridiculously cheap.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Maison 557's adorable team. However all above written expresses my own opinion and has not been influenced. Our stay was FABULOUS, and next time I come back in Siem Reap, I'll know where to go to feel like home. You can follow Maison 557 news on Facebook. And, if you're more of an Instagram-addict (like me), here's where you want to click!