Our Home High Up In The Hills: The Panviman Chiang Mai

If you follow my Pinterest board The Traveler's Nest, you know how much I love dreaming about original places to stay. It can be an igloo or a tent in a desert, as they say, home is where my feet are. And recently, home was particularly luxurious, surrounded by tropical forests, flower gardens and orchards, in Mae Rim valley, north-west of Chiang Mai... At The Panviman Chiang Mai.

The Panviman Chiang Mai - hotel review

The word Panviman in Thai means 'Paradise Alike'. More than a resort, the Panviman Chiang Mai is a unique place that offers an adventurous experience among the natural beauty of Northern Thailand. After spending our time exploring Bangkok and Chiang Mai during our Girls' Getaway in Thailand, we couldn't wait for our stay at what seemed like a peaceful hidden paradise. I can tell you one thing: we were not disappointed...


After a 40 minute drive from Chiang Mai in the most scenic route through Mae Rim Valley, we arrive at the Panviman. Right from the gate, we are warmly welcomed, with a staff that instantly makes us feel we're home and it's now time to RELAX. Talking about positive vibes! Everybody who has been in Thailand before knows how hospitable Thai people are. The reputation as "the land of smiles" is particularly well earned here at the Panviman.

After a refreshing tea, we embark on a golf buggy escort to our our stunning Jacuzzi Villa. While the man puts our bags in our house, we try to stay calm -"Oh, lovely house...". He leaves and closes the door. Then... total hysteria. We're running from the huge bed to the stunning bathroom like kids, screaming "Have you seen the view from the jacuzzi?!" "Have you seen the SIZE of the bed?!". It took us some time to calm down and keep it together -still, we cannot help smiling. The room is designed with a traditional Thai architecture mixed with a contemporary natural interior decor. Cerise sur le gâteau, on the terrace, a large jacuzzi awaits for us, looking toward the mountains. The view is so spectacular, it would be a crime not to enjoy it. That's why we have to change our travel schedule and spend more time than planned at the Panviman Chiang Mai...

The Panviman Chiang Mai Room


On the morning, the sunlight emerges to wake us up with a spectacular view on the valley. Our house is surrounded by a luxuriant nature, with sublime palm trees everywhere and exotic birds singing. The Panviman Chiang Mai is the perfect resort for travelers who are looking for comfort and relaxation.

We didn't feel like staying in a hotel, but more like being hosted in friend's house, lost up in the hills. The resort is so big, we felt like it was only the three of us, we didn't meet much people, except our new friends the majestic couple of peacocks.

The Panviman Chiang Mai Terrace

On top of the view and the design, there's more...

Every morning was a feast, with a breakfast buffet with pretty much anything you could dream of, in a panorama restaurant. The Panviman is a great place if you're looking to rest your mind and rejuvenate your body. Besides the healthy organic food (veggies from the Panviman's kitchen garden, please), the resort holds a stunning meditation cave, a peaceful yoga studio, a gym overlooking the incredible 2-story pool, a Spa surrounded by ponds, a great outdoor game area and probably one of the most beautiful pool I have ever seen. 

There are two daily shuttle services from the Resort to Chiang Mai which also makes it the ideal base to explore Chiang Mai. Personally, once arrived in that piece of paradise, they were no way we would want to go back in the city. We found our perfect balance at the Panviman, between serenity and beauty of the lush nature.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of The Panviman staff. However all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced. We simply LOVED it! You can dream and follow them on Facebook and Twitter -the staff uploads new photos regularly. 

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