Why you should follow your dreams now?

Like Mark Twain said "They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it". Writing an ad for IKEA, trekking in the Himalayas, speaking English, living abroad. These were my biggest dreams for so long -until I turned them into projects. Today, I'm working on a new thing I've been dreaming about for years, so I figured it was a good time to write about DREAMS...

Why you should follow your dreams now?

Dreams. They are the essence of life, we all need them. But why should they have to stay in a state of fiction forever? Unless your dream is to walk on the Moon, you've got to believe ANYTHING is possible. Your only limit is you. And all you need to make that dream happen is a plan. And a deadline. 

You're scared? That's a good sign, it means it's important. You should always go in the direction of your fears. So ask yourself that question again: what are you waiting for? 

What happens when your dreams come true?

You get new dreams. And you dream bigger!

Sure, it can be scary to make your biggest dream finally come true -there's the fear to fail, of course, and the fear to be disappointed -you've been expecting so much from that dream, what if it wasn't that good?

From the day I planned to embark on a solo trip in New Zealand until the day I went into that plane, I was sure something would go wrong, so the project would fail. It was so big, SO CRAZY, I had planned it for sooo long... In my head, it was just a dream. The definition itself says it can not be real. But I did go. And it was better than everything I had imagined. 

Some people tell us we are too young to travel that much, we should slow down before we get bored. Ah! Don't worry about that, the planet is full of things to discover, experience to live, people to meet, we are far from running out of dreams.

Why you should follow your dreams now? Photo ©Ju Redondo

don't tell people your dreams. Show them!

When I got my degree in advertising, my ultimate dream was to work for a big agency in Paris, and to work on a TV ad for IKEA. Within the next year, it was done. That's when I started to dream to be able to speak English. Then I went in New Zealand for 6 months. Then I dreamt to live abroad -so we packed all our stuff and moved to Indonesia. And from then it keeps going on and on with new projects. 

Today I'm working on making another dream come true. And it will, in 2019 (stay tuned!). Next, one day, "one day...", I will run the New York Marathon. I don't know how nor when, but I know I will. And I will continue to not just follow my dreams but continue to DREAM BIGGER.

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. Treat yourself with some craziness! Why not? Why live a little when you can live a lot?


What's the secret to make your dream happen?


Yes. It's that simple. A year from now, you'll wish you had started today. So take a piece of paper and a pen, note your dream and your deadline, and stick it to the fridge. From now on, everything you do must be done with the realization of that project in mind -no, it's not a dream anymore. Talk with inspiring people, watch videos that will motivate you, stay positive, be patient, organize your ideas, and don't forget to enjoy every step of it. 

Why you should follow your dreams now?

stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could  go right.

Why you should do it now?

  • They make life worth living! They are your reasons to keep going and they help you go through even the worst days. They wake you up in the morning. Think about it. If instead of dreading Mondays, counting down 'til the next trip or crossing off days on a calendar, why wouldn't you spend your energy make your dream happen? Why wouldn't you do exactly what it is you wish to do?  

  • All these reasons you can't? Excuses.

  • No one is gonna do it for you. Stop rely on others for happiness. 

  • To PROVE THEM WRONG! There's a certain path society want us to follow, and if you go on another direction, people will be there to tell you how crazy you are. But you'll see, it's real fun proving them wrong.

  • You only live once. There's no "someday" or "later". Why spend time doing stuff we don't love? Life is too short to waste it with regrets! At the end of the line what we end up regretting are the things we didn’t get to do. 

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.
— Oscar Wilde