How to overcome the fear of change?

I know it's scary. Even though you think you're ready, you have this thing that holds you back. THE FEAR. What keeps us from living our lives and achieving our dreams. The most commun reason why people don't travel. 

Dropping everything to travel the world does take some courage. But you know what? You won't be the first person doing it. We've all been scared, lost and panicked at some point. As J. Berryman said, we must travel in the direction of our fear

Which Meike did. She left her comfort zone in Germany to start her own company and move to Hong Kong.

Today, she shares with us her 5 tools and tactics to overcome the fear of change.

1|Break down the actions

Big change is scary. First, try small actions and see how that goes. Thinking about leaving your employer? Maybe ask for a sabbatical first and try. Thinking about moving abroad? Look for opportunities to live somewhere else for a couple of months and see if you want to continue. Want to live healthier? Exchange your first coffee in the morning with a warm lemon water. 

2|Look for people in your life who support you

This seems like an obvious one, but there are so many people who are trying to hold you back. Maybe they themselves are too scared of change or they are worried about you changing. I was lucky to have had friends and family, who were there for me and supported me and I consciously reached out to the people I felt safe to talk to about my ideas and fears. If you prefer to talk to someone with more distance and who is neutral: hire a coach, consultant or psychologist.

3|Write down your fears

Be aware of what is actually scaring you and face it. With that approach it becomes more tangible and you can directly build plans for each fear. Visualise the future. 

4|Find a way to balance out your fears

My way out of all the struggles and confused thoughts was my running. It was time to myself and to get a free mind and clarity. Everyone uses different methods. Just ensure to allow yourself time to calm down and reflect and find a way that works best for you. Good ideas can be swimming, running, meditation, yoga, creative activities, etc.

5|Trust yourself

You managed difficult situations before, very likely you came out of them stronger and happier than you were before. Think about similar situations, remember how strong you were and what you actually did to be successful at that time.

Meike is a lifestyle coach to Expat women. She is the go-to-person for finding and transforming their passion into a career and making a success in the new city. Meike gave up her secure life in Germany after 10 years in HR to become an entrepreneur in Hong Kong and support others through their change. She is passioned about triathlon training and travelling the world. 

I hope her precious advices will help you to take the plunge. If you feel like you need someone to help you going through this phase, I recommend you a free trial lesson with her. Everyday is a chance to change your life!

We are both curious to hear from YOUR experiences now! Are you getting excited about the idea of change? What's your secret to successfully managing change? What was the scariest change that you have been through?

Tell us your story! And if you need some inspiration, read J. Jenkins' answer to the question 'Why?'...