Quick Guide to Tokyo in 48h

We all know that: the less you expect, the less you get disappointed -but sometimes, you can't help it. You've been dreaming about this place for so long, you can picture it already. In my head, Tokyo was a fantasy world. I was wrong. It was even better than I could ever imagine.

48H in Tokyo - Map

One of the good points of being based in HK is the proximity with Japan. I can take a night flight and be eating my fresh sushis breakfast in Tsukiji Fish Market the next day. Considering all the places I've visited so far, Tokyo is the best city I have ever explored. For many, many different reasons. I've put together lots of great things to do in Tokyo and concocted a quick guide to Tokyo in 48 hours -安全な旅!

*Yes, obviously, they do make the best sushis ever.

Quick Guide : 48h in tokyo - Day 1

7 am - Immerse yourself deep into the Japanese culture, watching the Sumo Wrestlers during their morning practice. - Starts early morning and last for 2-3 hours. Most of the sumo stables are situated in Ryogoku, Sumo Town.

10 am - Take a stroll in the gorgeous Imperial Palace East Garden. From Ryogoku, take the JR line to Yurakucho. Open 9am-4pm Nov-Feb, to 4:30pm Mar-Apr, Sep & Oct, to 5pm May-Aug. Closed Mon & Fri year-round.

1 pm - Discover Electric City: the mecca of electronics. If you're a geek, plan a full day there -you'll probably go nuts. Another specificity of the area: the maid cafes! From Yurakucho, take the JR line to Akihabara.

3 pm - Senso-ji is a massive Buddhist temple, a must-see in Tokyo. Asakusa is idea for traditional shopping - you'll find gorgeous kimonos there. From Akihabara, take the Hibiya Line to Asakusa.

5 pm - The Tokyo Sky Tree offers some of the best 360 degree panoramic views of the city, with a fast and smooth elevator ride : 600 meters per minut! You can walk from Asakusa to the Tokyo Sky Tree.

8 pm - Cross Shibuya crossing, rumoured to be the world's busiest intersection, do a karaoke, play in one of the numerous noisy game arcades, eat on a sushi bar, enjoy Japanese whisky. Kampai! Everything is possible in Shibuya! From Oshiage, take the Hanzomon Line to Shibuya.

11 pm - Stay in a ryokan and enjoy the traditionnal Japanese lifestyle.

QUICK GUIDE : 48h in tokyo - DAY 2

6 am - Wake up early to visit to world's biggest seafood market: Tsukiji Market. - Would you dare a sushi breakfast?

9 am - Visit the super charming temples Zojo-ji & Atago-jinja. Atago-jinja is one of my favorite, with its giant stone stairway at the entrace, its lanterns and its pond with kois. While you're on the district, have a look to the Tokyo Tower. Take the Hanzomon Line to Daimon.

1 pm - Visit the grandiose Meiji-jingu, Tokyo's grandest Shinto shrine. If you're lucky enough, you can attend a traditional wedding, a geisha dance or any other celebration. Take the Hanzomon Line to Yoyogi.

2 pm - Omotesando is the world's best outdoor modern architecture museum: every building is an art piece, so open your eyes and look up. -Shopping: don't miss Kiddy Land - packed with characters goods, from Helly Kitty to PIkachu. Great address -delicious (and cheap) gyozas : Harajuku Gyoza Ro, 6-4-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku. 11:30 am - 4:30 am.

5 pm - It's punk time on Takeshita-dori. This street is known for its punks, Lolitas, aspiring goths and other extravagances: a heaven for photographers! I Also great for the grown up kid in us: colorful candy, funky tights, etc.

7 pm - Shinjuku is Tokyo as we picture it: uspcale department stores, streetside video screens, flashing neons, hidden shrines, pop music, hostess clubs, soaring skyscrapers, overwhelming restaurants... Two eyes are not enough to appreciate all this! From Omotesando Station, take the Ginza Line + the Toei Oedo Line to Shinjuku.

11 pm - Stay in a Capsule Hotel. It's a fun experience -and it's not that nerve racking. The capsules are quite big, you even have a TV in your "room" - what a luxury!

Quick guide : 48h in Tokyo

I hope this article will help you in your exploration of this fantastic city! I can't stop coming back to Tokyo, I feel like this city will never stop surprising me... Have you been? Share what you love/hate about the city in the comments!

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