10 Things that will make you LOVE Miami !

Miami was never on my travel wish list. But when G had to go there for work, I was happy to couple work and pleasure and join him with baby Noah to discover that legendary "magic city". I was not disappointed: Miami is the city of all kind of crazyness, but above all, it's super creative !

10 things that will make you LOVE Miami !

Of course, we all have that stereotyped image of Miami. Noisy, intense, edgy... in a word, CRAZY. And after a week exploring the city, I can say it IS crazy. But, you know, a good kind of crazy... I was the first surprised when I happened to LOVE Miami! Of course, it's not New York (ahhh, New York....), but it's one of these interesting places to see at least once in a lifetime. 

This article has been written in collaboration with  Expedia.com  to share things to do in Miami. Although all opinions, as usual on the blog, remain my own.

discover 10 things that will make you love Miami ! 

#1. That unique "out of an R&B music clip" kinda vibe on Ocean Drive

10 things that will make you LOVE Miami !

I might have said Miami is not all bimbos and fancy cars on Ocean Drive but... still, it's the first thing you see when you get to Miami Beach. You can never be 'too much' here. Bikinis are ultra sexy, provocative, colorful, sometimes almost nonexistent. Muscles must be oiled and stretched under a tight tank top. At night, what I'd call fish nets serve as a dresses for the ladies going out. People drive their convertible in circle over and over on Ocean Drive, music loud and girls dancing on the back. You're not in a music clip. This is REAL. This is Miami. Grab a drink on a terrace and enjoy some original people watching.

#2. the palm trees. literally EVERYWHERE.

And you know that feeling, wherever there's a palm tree, there's a good old holiday vibe. Life is always good under the palm trees!

#3. Wynwood and its incredible street art

Let's leave Miami Beach's madness for a whole different kind of crazy : get ready to dive into a world of street art. It's on the walls, on the floors, on the hydrants... it's everywhere. Wynwood hasn't always been popular, but today there are over 70 galleries, collections and museum, and more and more art on the walls every day. This is the coup de cœur of our trip in Miami, -I'll dedicate a full article about that neighborhood soon.

#4. Little Havana's live bands & festive cuban atmosphere

Welcome in Cuba -or almost! Little Havana happened to be smaller than we imagined, but between the arts, the food, the music and the Cuban cigars shops, there's enough there for you to feel like traveling. Meet the locals around a domino game and soak up the festive atmosphere!

#5. the architecture masterpieces in miami Design District

10 things that will make you LOVE Miami !

Cities would be so much more fun if we would let architects go nuts like they did there more often! In Miami Design District, a parking becomes a "garage museum", an alley a strange colorful sculpture and a simple sign a true piece of art.  

#6. The mythical colorful lifeguard stands on the beach

When you travel in the US, you often feel like you're in a movie set. That's particularly true when you walk by Miami Beach's legendary lifeguard stands. They are as cute as in the magazines. Also, very popular, so get up early to enjoy the views without the crowds.

#7. That vintage art deco scene on Miami Beach...

10 things that will make you LOVE Miami !

Vintage colors, old signs... the art deco influence on Miami Beach's hotels is real. The morning light makes it even more special... Once again, get up early. You'll sleep later on the beach

#8. free rides on miami trolley system

It's a cool kind of bus, it takes you all around the city, and it's free. What more could you ask for when exploring a city? 

#9. Magical moments: a walk/run on miami beach boardwalk

10 things that will make you LOVE Miami !

Picture a gorgeous boardwalk from South Miami Beach to North. Now add a turquoise ocean, some colorful lifeguard stands, a white sandy beach and a bunch of palm trees. Sunshine. There you go. Miami Beach's boardwalk is a dream spot for any runners --or, you know, ex-runner who's now a mom/walker-with-a-pram.

#10. The party scene

Ok, obviously, traveling with a 7 months old baby, we did not come to Miami to party -we're too old for that sh*t. But come on, if you like to party, you know it : Miami is THE place of all extravaganca!!