You haven't seen New York until you've done these 10 things

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today. I want to be a part of it, New York, New Yooork. These vagabond shoes... Are longing to stray... Right through the very heart of it, New York, New York. I wanna wake up in a city that doesn't sleep and find I'm the [queen] of the hill, top of the heap. New York, Neeew Yooork. 

10 Things to do in New York

New York is a thrilling, gorgeous, fantastic city. There is so much to see, to taste, to explore, you'd need a lifetime to know it all! Although there are some things that makes New York being... NEW YORK ! What's not to miss, where to go, where to start? Discover 10 things to do in New York!

This post is 100% subjective, please share in the comments what YOU consider the best things to do in New York!

1. Watch the Sunrise from Brooklyn Bridge

Believe me, it's worth the 4 am alarm -even if it's cold, even if it's rainy, and ESPECIALLY if it snows. Arrive at night, when it's still all dark and quiet. Then the sparkling sun will slowly start rising up the scarlet skyline -that's when magic happens. If the view from Brooklyn Bridge is magnificent, I'd recommend to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park and Dumbo afterwards for other viewpoints.

10 Things to do in New York

Now that you're awake and that you probably already fell for NYC, here's another great thing to do to kick-off the day...

2. GO FOR A morning Run in Central Park

Central Park is special on early morning. Get on your running shoes and go for a jog you'll remember! There's this vibe, very unique to New York -people are running, walking their dogs, crossing the park to go to work, strolling with their kids. That's probably the one place that makes me love this city so much.

10 Things to do in New York

After your beautiful run, you deserve a proper breakfast. Head to Levain Bakery to eat the most delicious (and caloric) cookies ever -you gonna need a few more runs to lose all those calories though! [167 W 74th St - open 9am-7pm]

3. Stroll through greenwich village

Just because it feels so good to get lost in these lovely streets, walk around, eat a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery on the stairs of one of the houses, meet the locals, soak up the atmosphere...

4. discover Grand Central station

Either you have a train to take or not, a stop in Grand Central is a must. One of the city's landmarks, the station is magnificent. Discover the stars painted of the ceiling, the whispering gallery, the oyster bar... Take your time when around you everybody else is rushing. 

10 Things to do in New York

5. Get a hot dog / pretzel lunch from a food truck

Just because you're in New York, you just have to have a hot dog & pretzel lunch. It's good, super cheap, and it's so NY! There are plenty of picnic spots around the city, you can eat in parks, on a bench, on the stairs of the MET...

10 Things to do in New York

6. Yell 'Hep Taxiii!' and hop on

It's not just an easy way to get around the city. It's mythical, you want to get on the street and hail that legendary yellow cab like the locals do -yes, like in the movies. Plus, it's pretty cheap (compared to Europe).

7. admire the Sunset from the Top of the Rock

Fantastic at sunset. You will be able to enjoy a 360° aerial Manhattan panorama on daylight AND under the stars. Going up the Rockefeller Center can sound like the most touristic thing to do in New York, and maybe it is. But it's worth it. 

10 Things to do in New York

8. See a basketball game in new york!

You may not know much about basketball, but it doesn't really matter -you go for the show! Imagine yourself queuing with many Knicks fans, getting in the stadium surrounded by a bunch of excited supporters, then buy a giant foam hand to support your team, get some nachos and beers, sit back and enjoy the cheerleaders show (they are incredible), followed by the game! Truly felt like being in a movie set. We went to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, loved it -I recommend it.

9. enjoy Times Square by night

It's absolutely crazy, and honestly, I normally can't stand the crowd very long. It's so busy, so noisy, so vibrant, but it's SO New York! It's a real feast for the eyes, with all the billboards, the lights, the videos, the yellow cabs...

10 Things to do in New York

10. Watch a broadway show !

That's what most people told me when I asked for advices on what to do in New York. Go see a show in Broadway. And so we did. CATS -the most successful musicals of all times. We enjoyed the show even more than we expected. Broadway is magic!
The best way to get the cheapest tickets is to go to TKTS in South Street Seaport (Front St and John St, near Prudential Buidling in 199 Water St). It's much less busy than in Times Square and well organized. Opens at 11am. Be there early.


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