10 Families who will inspire you to sell everything and go sailing around the world

Have you every thought about it? Sell everything, buy a boat, maybe learn how to sail, then live a nomad life on the ocean, with nothing but you, your family and the elements. Fish your own dinner every day. Live outside. Forget about the digital life to go back to the roots. The simple life.

Photo ©sailforgood

Photo ©sailforgood

Some of us dream about it. Some decide to go for it. You would be surprised, they’re not all rich, some of them didn’t know a thing about sailing before going on this adventure, and lots of them have kids. Now let’s focus on these crazy ones -the existing proof that we don’t have any excuses not to do it. There’s actually a big sailing families community at sea. Kids have their friends, they meet new people regularly, have classes together on the boat. Living the life! I’m all in for that lifestyle, but today we’re working on another project (coming in 2019 hopefully). But one day, one day…

Discover 10 families who inspire you to sell everything and go sailing around the world

Now it’s time to get inspired -to get this project started, or simply to dream for a minute. Just writing this post makes my heart melt. I want to pack and go right now! >> Discover why you should follow your dreams now.


A young couple, a baby boy and a dog sailing around the Caribbean in search of surf, sand and serenity.


Minimalist family island hopping in the Caribbean. Meditating in some of the most stunning places on Earth.


French windsurfing couple sailing the world with 1 baby boy and 11 boards. After two years of preparation, they left Brittany (France) in May 2017. Since then, they’ve been surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and doing yoga whenever and wherever they can. I love how friendly and natural they are on their social medias. We keep saying one day, we’ll meet them on the ocean!


Another family who sold it all to sail the world! Lee, Sara, Taj & Bella live some crazy, turquoise and green adventures.


A French family again! They sold everything in 2014. The couple had absolutely no sailing experience at that time but they started slowly, then finally bought a boat and left France in 2015 with their 2 daughters -planning to live and travel on the ocean during eight years!


Family of 5 living barefoot and enjoying it. The smiles on these faces !


Private education initiative based on a sailing adventure around the world during 2016-2022 by a Finish family. Their photos* are incredible! *The two cover photos at the beginning of this post are them too.


After thousands of miles driving throughout Russia and Europe, this family decided to sell everything they had and buy a boat. Since then, they’ve been sailing for years around the Mediterranean sea with their two babies -Olivia, the little one, was born in the ocean.


Family of 5 from Canada, sailing the world with style. Their gallery is amazing. I mean, arriving in New York by the sea, on your boat… that’s what I call traveling in style!


They’ve traded their motorcycles adventures for the sailing life. Now this family is living the life on the islands…