Quick Guide to Seoul in 48h

Seoul is an amazing city with a very strong personality. Dazzling, playful, clean, majestic, spoiled with a generous surrounding nature. And don't start me on the food -there's so much to try, crossing the night market in search for street food to try is a fantastic experience

Dive into this dynamic city full of traditional markets, temples, massive temples, gorgeous parks & futuristic skyscrapers with this quick guide to seoul...

48h in Seoul - Day 1

9 am - What a better way to begin your trip than immersing yourself into the Korean culture? Gyeongbokgung Palace is the most well-known and primer royal palace. Gyeongbokgung means “Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven“. The complex is enormous, and full of interesting things to check out. 

11 am - Discover Bukchon Hanok Village, the city's last neighborhood concentration of traditional homes, called 'hanok'. It's very peaceful, far from the crowds and the traffic. Get lost into these charming streets and enjoy the vibes.

1 pm - It's time to taste some Korean specialities! I highly recommend the Bulgogi, a fine grilled marinated beef. A great introduction to Korean food!

2 pm - Wander around Changdeokgung Palace, a a 600-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the “Five Grand Palaces“ built by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty. The nature around the park is generous and beautiful -especially with the Autumn colors.

4 pm - Explore Insadong, known as the mecca for creative thinkers and painters. The area is filled with numerous art galleries, antiques and craft shops, tea houses, and anything related to traditional culture and arts. Make sure to check out Ssamzigil, a square with many independent shops, street art on the wall and lots of awesome concept stores.

6 pm - You cannot go to Seoul and skip the theme cafés! We saw lots of Cat Cafés of course, but also Dog Café, Hello Kitty Café, Sheep Café, Zoo Café... The concept is simple, it's a café where you can take a drink and spend a few hours with a bunch of cute cats! People can play with them, feed them or just cuddle them.

8 pm - Discover one of the best Korean barbecues in Seoul. Not only the food is delicious there, but the staff is super friendly and the atmosphere reaaally nice -definitely one of the highlights of my trip.
Address : Hwaro Korean Bbq, 26-8 Yongsandong-2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Haebangchon - Tel: +82-2-792-7818

11 pm - Karaoke-time!!! When you go for a karaoke here, you basically rent a private room, where you have a few mikes, a huge TV and a massive list of songs to sing -from The Rolling Stones to Céline Dion. And the shooow must go on! You will find lots of options in Hongdae.

48h in Seoul - Day 2

Quick guide to Seoul in 48h - Biking

10 am - The War Memorial of KoreaI is a great museum. The exhibits are interactive, it's very well done, so you finally understand what, why, when and how. And if you're really into that subject, you should also pay a visit to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

Noon - Go to Yeouinaru station, and rent a bike to explore the Han River banks. A nice to explore the city far from the crowds.

2 pm - Eat a delicious Bibimbap in Myeong-dong. Jungang Hoegwano, Jung-gu, Chungmuro 1-ga 24-11.

3 pm - Discover the exciting neighborhood of Myeong-dong. This is the center for shopping in Korea, from brand names from all around the world to the most popular Korean brands. There is also the famous Lotte Department store, which has several floors in a huge building -you should definitely check the food floor. This street is full of skincare store with beautiful designs -you won't resist to their beautiful products! But, on top of all that, the greatest experience in Seoul: the Korean photo booth! You haven't experienced Korea 100% if you have yet to take some cool photos! You can take a series of pictures, and then you're able to edit the photos before they are printed. I must confess: we stayed more than an hour on those machines.

5 pm - Time to get to the N Seoul Tower. It dominates the Seoul skyline and can be seem from all parts of the city. Sitting 240 meters high on top of a mountain, this is the highest point in the entire city, and it offers a stunning view.

7 pm - Enjoy the street food in Myeong-dong's night market: natural juices, mochis, tornado potato, dumplings, octopus, Gimbap, deep fried vegetables, Mandu, massive ice cream cones, pancakes... Then stop in a bar and enjoy a local beer in one of the pubs of the area.

10 pm  - Get a massage or a fish therapy to end your stay with serenity.

Midnight - Enjoy the refreshing sensation of a face mask before going to bed.

It was a very short and really fun trip! I've been lucky to visit Seoul in Autumn, one of the best season to explore the city. The fall foliage offers stunning colors, and great photo opportunities! I recommend going with a few friends to enjoy the fun activities like karaoke, cat cafés and photo booth -that's super girly I know

Have you been in Seoul yet? What's your favorite things to do there? What did I miss?