10 things that will make you pack & go trekking in the Himalayas

A trek in the Himalayas is not just another adventure. It can't be. When you board on a flight with "Destination: Kathmandu" displayed on the screen, you know it's going to be special...

10 things that will make you pack & go trekking in the Himalayas

I began my passion for the mountains when I was a kid. I use to go support my father during his trail races in the French Alps and the Pyrénées. Then I saw the movie HimalayaHow could you possibly stay stone-faced, overlooking this sublime highland?

I dreamed about that trip for so long, it became more a fantasy than a true project in my mind. Then we booked our flight. KTM. For the adventure of a lifetime. Six incredible days on the roof of the world...

10 things that will make you pack & go trekking in the himalayas 

Nepal is a small country, tucked between India and Tibet, high up in the Himalayas. Exploring the Nepalese Himalayas is an arresting experience full of life-changing moments. You'll see fat yaks, breathe thin air, see prayer flags flying in the wind and discover muscles you never know you had.  

01. The insane beauty of the Himalayas nature 

Himalayas nature

With the magnificent snowcapped mountains and its beautiful foothills, Nepal is a dream destination for nature lovers. No matter which trek you do, every morning, you will wake up on heavenly sceneries. And this splendid landscape will be your home for the next days to come. Prepare to be overwhelmed with emotion. Every. Single. Day.

02. The adventurous suspension bridges

Himalayas suspension bridges

You'll traverse long narrow suspension bridges in fantastic sceneries, crossing impressive raging torrents and wide rivers -and you'll feel like you the hero of one of these great adventure movies!

03. The challenging high peaks

Himalayas peaks
Mountains have a way of dealing with overconfidence.
— Hermann Buhl

04. The scrumptious Nepalese food

Himalayas food

With its extensive use of spices and rich flavors, Nepalese cuisine possess a delicious and unique style of taste. It has a lot of South Asian influence but given the altitude and the climate, any food tastes infinitely better here than it would do in the plains. From the Momos to the classic Daal Bhaat Tarkari, prepare to be positively surprised...

05. The pristine serenity in the Himalayas

Himalayas landscape

The Himalayas is a snowcapped mountain range that spans across five countries, including Nepal. It is immense, bounding spiritual beliefs and many stupas. All that, coupled with breathtaking panoramic mountain views, gives you the sense of being away from it all. More serene than ever.

06. The authenticity of the villages

Himalayas village

Trekking in the Himalayas lodge-based will allow you to meet local people, to discover the life in the villages and to explore a whole different way of living. You will rediscover what is truly important in life. 

07. The simplicity of life

Himalayas simple life

Eat. Walk. Enjoy. Repeat. Life gets really simple in the mountains. Happiness, too. A hot shower. A piece of yak cheese. The Milky Way like you've never seen it before. That's all you want to be happy in the Himalayas. Simple.

08. The fat yaks in the backyard

Himalayas yaks

This is just super cool. I mean, how often you'll have the opportunity to say "Honey, there's a yak sniffing your shoes in the garden!" in your lifetime? And that would be all your problems of the day!

09. The spiritual part of the journey

Himalayas serenity

The people of Nepal are warm, friendly and extremely welcoming. Because of its multicultural society, there are a myriad of different dialects spoken, different cultures & religions. This is truly a fulfilling experience.

10. The best beer ever - THE EVEREST ONE!

Best beer in the Himalayas - The Everest

There is no words to describe this feeling, when you reach the final stop of the trek. Mission accomplished. Dream realized. "Well... So that's it, it's finished, already?".

The Himalayas has left me wanting MORE!


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