Kill the Bucketlist - Episode #3 [VIDEO INSIDE]

Let's keep on the tradition: it's that time of the year when I (try to) compile the best of the last twelve months of travel... 
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Best of traveling 2016

Ohhh, wow. 2016 has been so great on so many levels I don't even know where to start. First comes the wonderful winter we've had, powder-hunting in Hokkaido -which finally made me understand WHY G is so crazy about skiing. Of course, there's also that beautiful trip in Yunnan that completely disconnected us from our busy world in Hong Kong. That race in the jungle. Our perfect girls' getaway in Thailand. That weekend in our favorite island in IndonesiaAnd the last but not the least, that dream week livin' the life in New York with my sister. 

Yes, it was quite a busy year. You can see for yourself in this video condensing the best of our 2016 adventures!

From Hong Kong to Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Mauritius to New York. Thank you 2016. You rocked my world! Now what's next? Bring it on, 2017!

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