Traveling from Alaska to Argentina... on the coolest school bus!

This is the story of Felix, Mogli and their dog Rudi, on the road for the greatest journey of all time: a road trip from Alaska all the way to Argentina, living on an old American school bus. You wanted some wanderlust inspiration? We've got you covered!

Expedition Happiness : Traveling from Alaska to Argentina... on the coolest bus!

They've named their adventure Expedition Happiness -and we've got no trouble figuring out why. If nowadays, converting a bus into a mobile home is nothing new, these two took the concept to the next level. They've created the coziest "Loft on Wheels" -as they like to call it. Not only it's perfectly equipped for a year on the road, it has a beautiful arty vibe -we can tell it's been designed by a couple of artists. Now their trip is over, they are back in Germany and a movie should soon be released about their incredible journey. And we can't wait to watch it! [Photos ©ExpeditionHappiness]

expedition happiness : How it all started

Felix is a filmmaker, Mogli a musician (and Rudi is just a cool dog). They've lived together for three years in Berlin. Until they asked themselves the questions "Why Berlin? Why Germany? Why settling down so early?". And they realized despite the apparences, they weren't happy. After hours of researches, they decide to buy and convert a bus and go on a year-long road trip across America. 

"Routine is the enemy of progress"

Four weeks later, they find the perfect bus in Florida and buy it for $9.500 -a 20 years old classic yellow school bus. Three months later, this old car is transformed into a loft-style home on wheels. They're ready to hit the road!

life on the road, From Alaska to Argentina

So it all began. Experiencing life on the road. Seeing wild wolves, moose and even a grizzly just a few meters from the bus. Traveling from glaciers, crossed deserts, the highest mountains in North America to lush jungle. In this hectic year of adventures, their most memorable moments will be in Mexico, where they meet the most extraordinary people.

Expedition happiness : The movie

After a year on the road, Felix, Mogli and Rudi flew back to Germany. They are now releasing a movie about the adventure -so far it's in German only, but according to their Facebook Page, it could be on Netflix with English subtitles soon... Let's hope it does, it would surely be an inspiring documentary to watch! Besides, Mogli was inspired on the road, and wrote the soundtrack of the movie. LOVE IT!