The Greatness of Beijing [VIDEO INSIDE]

The Hutongs, the people, the temples, the Wall, the food, the Summer Palace, the usages, there are many reasons to visit Beijing. Among its numerous cultural attractions, this is an unmissable destination for most travelers.

The Greatness of Beijing - [travel video]

Last April, I went on my very first journey in mainland China -I told you how Beijing amazed me.

I've discovered the greatness, the immensity that reflects of the country's capital city identity.
The Summer Palace represents it well. The Imperial family's old summer retreat is absolutely HUGE -it's hard to believe it's only half and hour ride from the city. Surrounded by mountains, the Lake Kunming (opening the video) offers an incredible view. And the Great Wall! I dreamed about it, but in my mind, it was somewhat polluted by tourists and vendors. Again, I've been happily surprised finding myself strolling alone along the Wall, in Jinshanling.

That silence... That serenity. IT'S PRICELESS.

My first time traveling in Beijing was fantastic and astounding. Living in Hong Kong, I think I've learned to re-appreciate the value of tranquility and space. I've put together my memories for a short video, I hope you'll enjoy it!