That day I've seen a fortune teller in Hong Kong

A friend of mine lived in Mexico for a couple of years -since then, she became really keen on all the fortune teller things. I've accepted to go with her and another friend -who was pretty scared about what we'll learn about ourselves and our future. I was more than relax, going there only to have fun. Anyway, the guy is not going to tell me I'm gonna die tomorrow, right? Can't be bad news! At least that's what I thought... 

That day I've seen a fortune teller in Hong Kong...

Fortune telling is one of the oldest profession in the world, and it still plays a central role in Hong Kong. It's much more a science than a flight of fancy. Alined between the gardens of Tin Hau Temple and the government services building await a dozen fortune tellers. Each of them have a stall with a table and a chair, and posters put up explaining their methods. The bird method, Chinese fortune sticks, palm, face reading, tarot card reading, there are plenty options to get your fortune told in Hong Kong. ©ALLEYESONSHANGHAI

Keen to experience the real Hong Kong culture, we wander around the street, then decided to go with our intuition, and try the palm and face reading with the man that nicely smiled at us. His latest clients just left, a couple of well-dressed local people. We sat on our plastic stools, bargain the price and get it started. My friends being a bit anxious, I'm just here to get a fun cultural experience, so I'll go first. The only thing the fortune teller asks me is my date of birth. He looks on his books of Chinese zodiac for a moment, then observes my face intensely... 

I feel embarrassed, I don't know where to watch. His eyes don't blink, he fixes me with serious concentration. That silence starts to make me nervous...

Fortune Tellers in Hong Kong

Upon watching my face for a while, he starts talking, describing my job as an independent and creative entrepreneur. How I hate when people think working from home means being a housewife. How I love the outdoors. And how my business is going to be excellent on the years of my 27th and 28th birthdays -hello 2016! So far I'm quite impressed, he's really getting into details. The guy is good. He sees that something changed in 2012, I went in a whole new direction in my life -the year I quit my job to travel the world. He didn't asked if I was in a couple, but I've got my ring on my finger. He starts describing my husband -a handsome man, the relationship was very intense very early, too early, this is not a good man, it's not easy to be a good man when you are handsome. Ok, I know G didn't wash the dishes yesterday, but I wouldn't say he's a BAD man. I laugh. He looks at me with a very serious expression and insists: he is not the good man for you. Ok, ok, I'll get the divorce papers ready by tomorrow. I have to admit that part disturbed me a little bit, so I've probably missed some informations afterwards. Then I told me not to move in Japan -the only country we are considering to move in to in the next years. Your personality won't fit there, he said. Oh come on... I really love Japan. I also have to expect a big change in my life in the year of my 27th birthday - this is THE year for me. Btw, I'll turn 27 in a couple of weeks. No pressure. The good news is, my business is going to be muuuch better, especially in my 30s. Oh, and I'll have two kids! I'm not sure about the father though... I even know the years when I should invest my money -I do have to be careful, as a future-divorced-mother-with-two-kids. 

After fifteen minutes talking, the fortune teller is exhausted. To be honest, it was pretty intense. I came just as a curious traveler, and ended up really into this. Anyway every time I smiled cynically the man seemed to be really annoyed so I just stopped.

Later on, my friends got their fortune told and it became freakin' scary when the man described the obsessive disorder from one, the date of the big break up of the other. I've never felt even remotely spiritual, so it just seemed like a fun thing to do in Hong Kong. I was curious. But at the end, I can assure you we had to drinks lots of tequila to forget all that weird things the guy said!


Whatever your leanings, visiting a fortune teller in Hong Kong is an experience you won't forget. However cynical you are, the idea that a total stranger can read your life is intriguing. Just two thing: be ready to hear ANYTHING. They won't tell only positive things (one of my friend will actually -according to the fortune teller-, end up as a single mother with a baby. But our 3rd friend will meet a very rich man so we'll be able to crash in her castle anyways). And plan some time later in case you need to drink to forget... It happens!


The fortune tellers are every night near the Temple Street Night Market between 7-11pm. Prices vary, bargain is encouraged. We paid 200HKD/ppl for the palm + face readings.
MTR : Yau Ma Tei