How to Survive Hong Kong Summer Heat?

Summer in Hong Kong is unpredictable -it can be nice and sunny, then pouring rain just the next minute. The only thing you can be sure about, is the temperature and the humidity. The temperature can exceed 31°C, plus the humidity levels always make it feel even hotter. Get ready for the air-con season with my Ten Tips and Tricks to Survive Hong Kong Summer Heat!

How To Survive Hong Kong Summer Heat?

We've all experienced it -that prickly sensation when you just can’t seem to keep cool or drink enough fluids. If you're new to Hong Kong, you're probably having the worst time trying to adjust to the summer heat right now. How could you, when it's 20°C inside -hello air-con madness- and 34°C outside? Do not desperate, you will eventually get used to these temperatures, and you might even enjoy spending your summer in the 852 -yes, it is possible.

Are you ready for a season of beautiful clear skies, great outdoor parties and lot of FUN? 

Discover my 10 Tips & Tricks to Beat Hong Kong Summer Heat

1. Never leave home without your survival kit

Forget the clutch bag for summer in Hong Kong -you need something bigger, to carry your survival kit. In that kit, first thing: a scarf or anything that can keep you warm in all the over-air-conditioned places (that is: everywhere in HK). Then add a mini mineral water spray, deodorizing wipes, oil clear film, bug spray, sunblock and bottle of water.

2. BUILD YOUR HEAT TOLERANCE: time for a sweat session

I know it sounds crazy, but an indirect way to keep cool is to go for a morning run -yes, event by 32°C. It helps you build your tolerance to heat and humidity, so that you get used to moving and breathing in high temperatures. If you don't feel like running, take a hot yoga class or log in a few sauna or steam room sessions.  

3. JUMP ON man cheung po's INFINITY POOL

Sometimes in Hong Kong, the sea gets so warm it doesn't cool you down anymore. In that case, hike up to Man Cheung Po's Infinity Pool in Lantau Island. The water is cool, the sights stunning. Even though it's officially illegal to swim there (it's a reservoir) and the trail to the pool is covered with spiders, it's worth it. For the gorgeous waterfall-linked series of baths and for the view.

4. Get invited on a Junk Boat Party

Yes, it's hot, but one of the things that makes Hong Kong such a great city is that we're surrounded by sea. And starting from May, there's one thing everybody can't stop talking about: the Junk Boat Party season! A favorite Hong Kong summer activity, which consists on jumping on a boat with a bunch of friends for a day sailing out -and partying obviously. Enjoy the ocean breeze!


Every morning in summer, my biggest challenge is to find the outfit that will make the heat the more tolerable possible. Of all fabrics, linen is the best for Hong Kong hot and humid weather. Invest in clothing made of natural fabrics and -girls- in terms of make up, think waterproof. Don't get me started on hair VS humidity, I gave up on that a couple of years ago already. 

6. Wakeboard in Tai Tam Bay

This is my favorite thing to do to beat Hong Kong heat! There is nothing quite like skimming across the water's surface with the wind whipping through your hair when it's 32°C outside. When on the wakeboard, we don't feel like we are in Hong Kong anymore. Tai Tam Bay is all green and beautiful, it's a GREAT way to enjoy summer in HK without the crowds.

7. Eat Fresh & healthy

Avoid the Chinese hot pot and the wonton soup for a while, and opt for some refreshing and healthy dishes.For this, Vietnamese restaurants are the best option. If you're in Soho, go for BÊP -it's only the best! Plus, instead of iced-cold drinks, choose water at room temperature -your body won't need to heat the drink then.

8. Go to a Pool Party

Plunge into summer with a refreshing party you will never forget! Having a cocktail from a huge swimming-pool in the 76th floor of a luxurious hotel, with DJ and art performances around you -and obviously a breathtaking view on the skyscrapers... can you imagine? That's another way to enjoy Summer in Hong Kong! 

9. bring back the winter, go ICE-SKATing

For those who hate the heat, forget it's summer and head to one of Hong Kong's many ice-rinks for an awesome ice-skating session. 

10. Steal the air-con shops coolness

When you pass a shop with particularly strong air conditioning, slow down and enjoy a little pause in the cooling breeze. Going from way too hot to freezing cold, you might find your balance somewhere... Good luck!

What about you, how do you survive Hong Kong summer heat? Share your tricks with us!