Checking in a Tropical Oasis: Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong

The sun is setting down, we are nicely cooling down in the swimming pool after a day of excursions in Phuket. Seated on our high stools in the water, we're sipping our fruit cocktails at the Sun Bar while discussing about which massage to get tomorrow at the Spa. Life is pretty good in Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong...

Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong

We stayed in Phuket only a couple of days, time to relax and organize our trip to the Similan Islands. Which means we had three main priorities when we choose the hotel: the situation, the swimming pool and the Spa -yes, our Girls' Getaway in Thailand was very... well, girly. I remembered the photos of the insaaanely huge pool I saw on Deevana Plaza Phuket Instagram, so we decided to go for it. 

Let me take you on a tour...

Checking in a Tropical Oasis...

As soon as we enter the Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong lobby, it's clear this is one sleek and exotic space in Phuket. The most friendly staff welcomes us with fruit cocktails & fresh towels, before taking us upstairs to our room -Deluxe Pool Room, please.

The design and decoration are lovely. On the bed: a folded elephant tower. Beautiful vintage photos of Phuket on the wall, fresh flowers, gorgeous view on the pool fringed by palm trees from our balcony, lounge chairs to enjoy the sunset -we're all set for a relaxing stay. This is an ideal location for our few days in Phuket.

Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong

My first day in Phuket starts by a morning job by the beach -I love it, when it's all desert and quiet- while the girls are still sleeping. After an energizing shower, we enjoy a generous breakfast -that's why I went running before!-, then go exploring Phuket. The island has a wide range of activities. As we've got only a couple of days to go before heading to the Similan Islands, we decide to enjoy the luxury of a nice, exotic hotel such as Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong.

pure Daydream at the ORIENTALA WELLNESS SPA

Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong Spa

The Orientala Wellness Spa aims to restore people's equilibrium between the body and the soul -and it does it pretty well. The staff is not only talented and professional, but also very pleasant and friendly. The Spa menu offers extensive treatment programs. We decide to go for the 4-hours treatment. It starts with a steam, then a long and nice body scrub, an aromatherapy oil massage, a bubble bath with relaxing music, an aloe vera cool facial, to finish with some delicious homemade cookies and ginger tea in the lounge. Even if you don't stay in Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong, I highly recommend to indulge yourself with their beautiful spa treatments. It was incredibly relaxing.

After this intense pampering experience, there's nothing we can do but chill out by the pool... 

We get three sun lounge chairs in the shade of banana trees, get a some ice teas to cool down, and enjoy our cool afternoon sunbathing/napping. It's all pretty laid back during the afternoon, as most guests are exploring the islands. Later on, people arrive to enjoy the Sun Bar's cocktails in the pool, the music reminds us it will soon be time to party and the atmosphere gets completely different. It means it's time for happy hours drinks!

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of The Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong team- you can follow them on Facebook. However all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced. If there were three things to remember in this hotel, it would be the most adorable staff, the swimming pool bar and the incredible spa treatments.

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