Boracay Island : It still has its sparkle!

Last May, I finally went to Boracay -this mysterious island that can be described either as The Philippines' paradise or the worst tourist trap. I was curious: how come some people LOVE it, and others HATE it? Well, good news, travelers...

Boracay Island still has its sparkle

I've traveled in Indonesia for months, and I've explored authentic, pristine beaches, feeling lost in the middle of the ocean. Even met people who didn't know what a tourist was. But let's be honest. When you come to the most visited island in the Philippines, do you really expect that kind of experience?

The critics are not completely unfounded. Boracay has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Actually, I was in doubt before coming -do I make a mistake choosing this destination? My answer is undisputed. NO, it wasn't a mistake at all. I spent three wonderful days in that stunning island. How come? 

Everything's better with an Ocean view - especially my breakfast

You wake up, see rays of light trickle through the curtains and the soft waves lapping at the shore... There is no better way to start the day than a swim in the ocean. Whereupon, you enjoy a banana pancakes / fresh smoothie breakfast on the beach, feet on the sand, under the shade of a palm tree. If this isn't happiness, I don't know what it is. 

All you need is a good dose of Vitamin Sea

You can't resist to a day island-hopping in one of Boracay's beautiful traditional boats. Sunbathing feet on the sea, snorkeling among a shoal of exotic fishes, eating an authentic barbecue on the beach, meeting travelers from all over the world... Life could be worse.

it's time to inhale some Good vibes

There is a little cloud in the sky -must be lost, it's alone. You've been observing it for a while, lying on the sand, listening some live reggae music playing in the bar next door. Every day is an opportunity to taste a different fresh fruit shake -it's time for your mango/banana one. On your way to the bar, you stop for a foot massage. Behind on the beach, kids make in sand sculpture while the sun goes down. Do you feel Boracay's vibes?

a dinner at the beach restores the soul

Eating fish is good to boost your brainpower! This trip in Boracay is going to be SO healthy -hmm...we'll forget the Caipirinha episode in Red Pirates bar, okay. Seriously. This dinner in that spot for less than 3$ per person? I have only two words. Yes, please!

Sunset is the best medicine

We are walking through this tiny walkway we saw from the beach... There must be something on the other side! Oh. Yes, there is. Diniwid Beach, a peaceful beach with muuuch less crowds than White Beach. And this bar, built on the rocks. Waiting for us to have some cocktails, jump from the cliff and watch the sunset.


If White Beach is known as the best beach in Boracay, I left my heart in Puka Beach, on the other side of the island. I spent hours on my deck chair remaking the world with my friends, green coconut in the hand. Palm trees... Green coconut... Tanned skin... Sunset... Hot nights... Serenity... Happiness.

This trip in Boracay was a beautiful surprise! It reminds me that time I discovered Beijing. I came there with lots of pre-ideas in mind -and it was a pleasure to break them and to make my own idea of that destination! It was my first trip in The Philippines and a real success. Actually, I can't wait to go visit another of the numerous islands in The Philippines. 

Have you been in Boracay? Did you love it or hate it? Why? What did I miss during my trip (please give me excuses to come back!)