10 ways Traveling Changes your Perception of Life

According to all these travelers, travel should change my life. -Come on, it's just a trip. I'll be back in six months, and I'll take back my life riiight where I left it. At least, that's what I thought. Then, once arrived in New Zealand, people kept telling me it was “just the beginning“.

The beginning of what? - Of a new perception of life. A new lifestyle. 

If you're asking yourself why in the world you'd leave friends, habits & comfort for the unknown, here's the answer: this is NOT just a trip. It changes everything. The way you see life. Your definition of happiness. Your priorities. Your dreams. Your future.

traveling drastically changed me. here are 10 ways it will change your perception of life and why you should start planning your next trip away.

1|Everything is theoretically impossible - Until it's done

Leaving everything to explore the world is something that some bold people do -it seems impossible in your world. This isn't for you. Until YOU decide you CAN do it. Then you become that traveler that used to make you dream. It's kind of fun to do the impossible, isn't it? From now on, everything is possible. The world is full of opportunities. Want to jump from an airplane? Trek on the roof of the worldYou will never use never as an answer anymore -at least, not before trying. 

2|Braving the unknown is a great self-esteem booster

You realized a dream -and the only person you owe it to is yourself. You conquered your fears to jump out from your comfort zone. You've traveled the world. You've hiked a volcano. Dived with sharks. Lived on your own in a hut. You've done awesome things. Accomplishing so much, you feel a lot more confident in your ability to achieve anything. You're good enough by yourself -forget this old version of youThis the beginning of the rest of your life. And you and only you are in control of it.

3|the art of being alone to get close to yourself

It is not easy to be happily alone -but it has its importance. Did you ever ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow? When you’re alone, you have an incredible opportunity to think clearly about your life and the direction you want to take it. In a world that’s often filled with noise, you’ve been given silence. It's time to reaffirm the path that your life is on. What makes you happy and fulfilled? 

4|nothing is worth more than this day

As nice is can be to look back on memories and to plan the future, life goes on -and you'd better live in the moment. When traveling, life is so intense, you instantly adopt a new way of living. Every people you meet, every meal, every places you go, everything is new and exciting -you enjoy every second of the day. Life on the road makes it easy to completely soak up and revel in the moments we experienceTraveling is the epitome of mindful living.

5|traveling is the best school ever been made in history

It's funny how people who spend their time watching the news from their comfortable sofa think the world is an hostile place to live in. Five years ago, I couldn't make the difference between Japanese, Thai or Vietnamese food. I didn't know where Papua was on the map... Traveling makes you less idiot. You're in a constant learning process. Curiosity is a muscle and you need to develop it. One month traveling on your own pretty much equal a year in your comfort zone. 

6|a proliferator of deeply infectious good-ass vibes

"When you're a kid, everything is astonishing. Everything is new. So your brain is awake and turned on. Every passing second, your brain is learning something new, learning how the world works. The muscle of your brain is activated. And as you get older, and you brain has figured out the patterns of the way the world works (...) And once your brain established a routine it stops. The alertness goes away. The fascination with the way the world works. I think that's what travel in general does: it wakes up your brain. " Explorer J. Jenkins - my new heroFind fulfillment in everyday's life. Accept unexpected surprises. Forget about the plan. RE-ACTIVE YOUR BRAIN!  

7|the earth is full of dazzling hidden places/phenomenas/animals

People do impressive things, but nothing will humble you quite like standing at the base of a vertiginous waterfall or looking up to the starry sky from the stillness of a natural hot spring. The Earth is wide and wonderful, and one life won't be enough to enjoy every part of it. Exploring stunning coral, swimming with sharks, trekking in the jungle -all these adventures make you realize how beautiful our planet is, -and how urgent it is to act to protect it!

8|wanderlust broadens the mind & widens the horizons

We often judge others when we get stuck in the trap of thinking our way is the only way. And when our minds close, the cycle becomes a vicious one: the more we think we're right, the more stubborn we become. As Mark Twain said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness". Don't get me wrong, traveling won't change you if you're not ready to seize the opportunity. But if you are willing to open yourself, this journey will change your attitude to the world. Forget about how it is in your culture. Fully immerse yourself into this one -and discover a whole world of possibilities. 

9|less quantity time back home for (much) more quality time

They say you never know the value of what you have until you lose it -well, it works with people, too. It can sound silly, but I've never been as close as my sister than now that I live 10.000 kms from her. Why? Because we both realized the chance we have to have each other. Every time we're together, we know we HAVE to make the most of the time! Traveling long term, you'll probably lose some friends, too -don't worry, there weren't true friends. Over all, you will strengthen your relationship with your beloved ones. And that all that matters.

10|home is wherever there's adventure

You're freed from your comfort zone -now, you feel home pretty much anywhere you put your bags. Exploring the world makes you realize how unimportant some of your "vital needs" were. Learn to reevaluate things. To value experience over things. And that when you adopt a positive thinking, your life becomes much more comfortable.

I’m not just a fan of travel, I’m an advocate for it. I believe in travel. I do believe it can change lives. Destiny. People. Of course, the magic will only appear if you let it go. Don't forget that you're the only person that can change your life.

Thanks to Leila, founder of The Bliss Way, for your inspiration.