10 Inspiring Travelers To Follow on Instagram in 2016

Whether you're in desperate need of traveling or you became a Instagram-addict, consider these travel inspired Instagram accounts the best therapy you can get...

10 Inspiring Travelers to follow on Instagram in 2016 - photo @paperplanesblog

When I'm not traveling, there's one thing I LOVE to do : getting inspired by travelers from other parts of the world. Some really know how to create a beautiful compact digital postcard from their adventures. I've put together a list of 10 inspiring travelers to follow on Instagram in 2016 -this is completely subjective, so please share your favorite travel Instagram accounts in the comments! PHOTO©PAPERPLANESBLOG

Let these 10 incredible travel themed Instagram accounts inspire you to plan your next trip right now...


They are vigorous, they obviously love mountain outdoors and always have the outfit that fits with the scenery -for the perfect shot. Their Instagram gallery will just make you wanna go climb the nearest peak straight away.



Utah based van dwellers living a life of adventures -their gallery reflects such a cool lifestyle, it won't take you long before you get jealous, want to sell everything you've got, buy a van and explore the world.



Nicola describes herself as a 21-year-old Aussie with a camera glued to her hands and adventure glued to her feet. This girl never seems to stop traveling -and she's got that 'petit je-ne-sais-quoi' that makes her gallery very unique.



When Melissa started traveling, she didn't want to appear in pictures, so she developed a very unique style of travel / food photography (yum!) - that would make any reasonable person really really HUNGRY.



French artist based in Hong Kong, I eat travel, sleep travel and breath travel. Currently following my wanderlust in northern Asia. I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.



Lauren is a travel/lifestyle photographer who takes some great Pinterest-like pictures. She takes you on a beautiful journey, from stunning sunrises on the beach to starry nights in the jungle. 



Jack lives on the road. And he knows how to capture the world's beauty. Jack will make you dream with his Instagram gallery. From Sri Lanka, India, Greece to Madagascar, he follows his wanderlust, taking us with him.



Kimi has a unique, stunning, elegant Instagram gallery. I don't know how, but she manages to make every places she explores look quiet and peaceful -even when she travels in Hong Kong. This girl has a gift!



Alana shares her exotic expat life in Chiang Mai on a gorgeous Instagram gallery. It's my remedy when I'm lack of sunshine in Hong Kong! Thanks to her, I can't wait to explore more destinations in Thailand and Southeast Asia.



Based along the East Coast of Australia, Emilie is a photo-creator, a story-teller and a wanderer. Her work is build upon natural light and nostalgia, and aim to gather beautiful moments on the road...