Behind the postcard - 10 things to do in Ko Samui

Sawadee Ka! Welcome in Ko Samui, an island located in the Gulf of Thailand, some 700 km south of Bangkok. Looking for a place to truly disconnect, we took a 4 days trip in that postcard destination. Palm trees, dazzling sunshine, white sandy beaches - it's all here. 

What's hidden behind that postcard scenery? What can you expect to get up to during your stay -apart sunbathing? What will make you LOVE this tiny island? There is a lot of things to do in Ko Samui... and here's our best of, the things that made our stay so special. Starting with...

1|Flying over Thailand's heavenly Gulf

There is simply nothing like the approach into Thailand's islands -well, there is probably, Earth is wide and beautiful. But seriously: that view?!! We were like kids on a Christmas morning on the plane, super excited to finally land and go exploring the surroundings. 

2|Treating yourself to a bit of luxury

Better know it before you go: Ko Samui is the most expensive island in Thailand! Don't ask me why -it's neither better nor less good than the others. It's basically same -with Golf Country Clubs and rich travelers. Therefore, think twice when choosing your hotel: for 10$ more, you can sometimes go from the non-air-con-dirty-room to the king-size-bed-sea-view-and-private-beach (the Sheraton was pretty good!).

3|Jumping from tree to tree into deep exotic jungle

From far the HIGHLIGHT of our trip! If there is one and only one thing to do in Ko Samui, that would be Canopy Adventure's zip-line. We spent two hours climbing on the trees, flying over the jungle and non-stop laughing with the crew. Whereafter we had great lunch into the wilderness, to complete that perfect day with a nap in a huge hammock in the shade of trees.

4|Waking up to catch the most spectacular sunrise

Still half-asleep, I see the lights coming trough the curtains. Oh, right, we are in Ko Samui. -Wow! Breathtaking. Here's a fantastic way to start the day... then go back to sleep after. I have the feeling that today is going to be a good day...

5|Feeling privileged alone in white sandy beaches

Most people come to Ko Samui to party 'till late. Which means... NOBODY on the beach before 2 pm. You basically have it for yourself. Chaweng Noi is one of the most beautiful beaches we've seen so far. And the ocean... a temperature so perfect, you could stay hours playing in it -we would if a jellyfish hadn't bitten me!

6|Driving through adventurous roads

When we decided to do the zip-line adventure, we didn't imagine how far into the jungle it would be. The driver drove us deeep into the jungle in an awesome 4x4, climbing vertiginous ascents for almost an hour -a journey we won't forget! Don't forget your camera!

7|Getting relaxed and pampered with coconut-oil

We normally don't need to relax -as we don't stress much in Hong Kong. But riding around on a scooter, with the heat + the crowds on the road, we were really glad to come across the elegant Cyan SPA in Bophut. Private room, showers, sea view, silence, coconut oil and friendly staff... An hour of absolute perfection.

8|Having taste buds that quiver with thaï food

Ko Samui being overwhelmed with tourists, it's no easy task to find good local food. But after a couple of failed attempts, we found our happiness in The Blue Monkey and in Sabai restaurants, both situated in Chaweng Noi Beach. An explosion of authentic tastes! With the best view you can imagine -of course, you're in Ko Samui after all.

9|Resting under the shade of palm trees

With a fresh piña colada -because we're on holidays! Oh, and some jazzy music... Great spot for nap and cocktail with a view: the Jungle Club, on top of the hill.

10|Dinner under the moonlight -you said romantic?

On our first day, we made the mistake to look for a restaurant in the main street, it was noisy, not charming and packed with tourists. The day after, we were so relaxed on the beach, we couldn't leave. So we simply walked around Chaweng Noi, bare foot on the sand, and discover the most charming seafood restaurant right on the beach, with adorable staff, few people, the Moon light and the sound of the waves...

Ko Samui was nice. It's undoubtedly sublime. There are maaany things to do -so many you'd better plan a bit before going, so you don't lose your any time. Don't expect a trip into the wild, authentic Thailand. It is not. It's a magnificent island, made to please all kind of travelers.

Going there soon? Enjoy, and pleaaase tell me about your trip!