The 10 Most Magical Christmas Destinations On The Planet

People run all over the place to find the perfect Christmas gift and decoration, granny starts her batch of delicious Christmas cookies, city skylines glitter with illuminations and days get shorter and cooler every day... The Christmas season is upon us again! The only question is: where should you spend the big day?

It's that magical time of the year when you're dreaming of spending Christmas in a town that seems to have stepped out of the pages of a children's storybook.

Whether you want to soak up the atmosphere of Germany's typical Christmas markets, meet Santa's elves or ride the legendary Polar Express to the North Pole, here are The 10 Most Magical Christmas Destinations On The Planet, where you can almost guarantee your dream Christmas will take place...

10|Durango, Colorado

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This mountain town serves up a magical old-fashioned holiday with stunning landscapes, great ski slopes, hot springs, Western saloons, festive music and the legendary Polar Express. Pulled by a steam locomotive, the train takes you on a ride to visit Santa Claus at the North Pole, with melodic Christmas carols and hot chocolate... 

09|Fairbanks, Alaska

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Oh, the perfect white Christmas with a thick fresh coat of snow on the ground, Santa knee-deep in snow and Christmas trees transformed in snow ghosts... All the excuses you need to cozy up to a mug of hot chocolate around a fireplace. Alaska is in full winter swing, with wide open spaces covered with snow, ice playgrounds, holiday parades and wonderful places to drive around and take in the sights... 

08|Castleton, England



With its magnificent location and its cluster of old stone cottages and hilltop castle, Castleton is one of Britain's most appealing villages. At Christmas, it takes on a magical appeal with pretty lights, decorations, beautiful Christmas trees and candlelight carolers. If you're looking for a charming Christmas in the countryside, then here it is!

07|Kobe, Japan


In Asia, it can be hard to get a true taste of holiday cheer. However, there is a city in Japan that will satisfy your Christmas light craving... Every year, Kobe hosts a breathtaking event called the Kobe Luminarie. This fabulous light festival symbolizes hope for citizens. It's the most spectacular light show in Japan.

06|Quebec City, Canada

©  Giard qatar

©Giard qatar

Every year in December, Old Québec is transformed into a real Christmas village, with its cobblestone lanes covered with beautiful fluffy white snow, magical illuminations and stunning Christmas trees. Markets and concerts keep the streets buzzing, whilst mulled wine keeps you warm in this cold and wonderful winter...

05|Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Germany

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Longs nights and shorter, colder days: if you want to get the best out of a German tradition, then a visit to Rothenburg's Reiterlestmarkt is a must during the holidays. This cute 800-year-old town is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Germany, and get transformed every year into a true winter’s fairytale.

04|Taos, New Mexico

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©Travel & leisure

Celebrate Christmas in a totally unique way in this remote village, lost on a high desert. Ancient traditions come alive to offer a scene of pure magic, featuring drums, bonfires and music. This Christmas Eve ritual is sacred in Taos. It's nothing like a tourist attraction, but a primitive experience. Something you won't see anywhere else on the planet.

03|Tallinn, Estonia

Christmas in Tallinn is straight out of a fairy tale. It was home to the world's first Christmas Tree, erected in 1441. Every year, the most charming Christmas market is held around that tree. The Middle Ages surroundings, the enchanting tiny huts, the decorations and the local savory treats create all together a magical atmosphere.

02|New York, New York



Who doesn't want to experience New York at Christmas? It's Christmas as you see it in the movies! The big tree in Rockefeller Center Plaza, Macy's Santaland, Central park under the snow, Bryant Park Ice Rink, window shopping on the 5th Avenue... Prepare to be marveled!

01|Lapland, Finland



Baking cookies with Mrs Claus, enrolling in Elf School, going on a reindeer and husky excursions, enjoying Nothern lights, crossing the Arctic Circle, meet Santa... What else could you ask for? It has it all! Official Hometown of Santa Claus, Rovianemi is the ultimate destination for a magical Christmas. 

what's your destination for Christmas this year? And where do you picture your most magical Christmas destination? Make me dream in the comments!