Quick Guide to Delhi in 48h

This post is contributed by Stefan & Sebastien, founders of the blog Nomadic Boys.

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Ahhh Delhi, Delhi, Delhi… Lovely chaotic exciting Delhi… 
Delhi was our introduction to India and the start of a whirlwind month of travelling here.

Delhi is at the heart of northern India, a region you will quickly grow to love and hate. It is extremely chaotic with some of the craziest traffic you’ll ever see. It’s down right dirty with open sewers where pavements should be and has some of the worst poverty you’ll ever see.

Yet despite all this, it’s got something extremely charming which really grabs you and leaves you wanting more.

48H in Delhi - Day 1.

Women in the Red Fort, Delhi

9 am - Staying at a hostel in the main bazaar area is a good idea as it’s well located near the main train station and you will have an exciting atmosphere on your doorstep.  After breakfast spend a bit of time browsing the bazaar area and for some great people photo opportunities.  

10 am - Take a tuk tuk ride to the Red Fort and spend a few hours exploring this beautiful former Mughal era palace. Tip: bring student card if you have one for discount.

1 pm - Lunch time and time for a browse through the hectic neighbouring Old Delhi for a good place to have some tasty chicken tikka –you may need to climb over some of the vehicles to cross the roads here, the traffic here is THE craziest in the whole of India!

3 pm - Get a tuk tuk ride to the Gandhi Smriti -the name of the house Gandhi lived in his final years and where he was assassinated.  It is now an excellent museum, free to enter and a beautiful shrine to this fascinating man.

4 pm - Explore the nearby area of the Gandhi Smriti by walking to the nearby Lodi Gardens, it’s like entering a new world: clean roads, no begging, pavements to walk on, no crazy traffic. You can also walk as far as the nearby Khan Market if you want coffee or get puckish.

6 pm - Get a tuk tuk back to home camp at the main bazaar area for some more browsing.

8 pm - Dinner in one of the nearby restaurants in main bazaar area and time to try a paneer based dish like mutter paneer, a specialty of northern India.

10 pm - Check out of one the many bars lining the main bazaar area at night, most of which will have live Indian music. You will most likely get invited to mingle with a group of locals and down lots of whisky shots late into the night...

 48H in Delhi - Day 2.

Sunset in Delhi

10 am - Presumably nursing a bit of a hangover? Late hearty breakfast and a strong coffee to prepare you for some dancing fun at the Delhi Dance Academy.

12 pm - Leave an hour to take the metro to Kailash Colony for an extraordinary dance class: a 2-3 hours dancing experience where you will learn a mini dance routine of Bhangra, Bollywood, Dandiya and Bellydancing, with videos for souvenirs to take away with you.

3 pm - You will get some snacks and drinks at dance class, but you will no doubt be starving…grab a late lunch at one of the nearby restaurants and try a Thalilarge plate with little curry pots

5 pm - Tuk tuk ride again (you will miss them when you leave) to Connaught Place, the central, rich and middle class area of the city.  Pick a rooftop bar and have a drink here looking over the city.

8 pm - Time for a tandoori chicken dinner at one of the famous Connaught Place restaurants where this dish was popularised in post colonial India.

10 pm - Time to hit one of the clubs in Connaught Square to put those dancing moves into practice.  We went to the Knight World Cuisine Lounge to show off our Bhangra beats. 

Nomadic Boys in Delhi, India

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What about you, have you been traveling in Delhi?

I've heard lots of very positive & negatives stories about this super intense city -this place is SO intriguing. I suppose it's a must, something you have to see once in your life time. It's not on the plans yet, but it will one day, for sure!

Let us know your thoughts about this place, comment and share with us what you loved or hated there!