16 Things That Will Make You Love Hong Kong

In January 2014, I arrived in Hong Kong with my husband, a couple of bags and absolutely no expectations. I didn't know a thing about this city. A year 1/2 later, I'm still thrilled to live in Asia's world city.

16 things that will make you love Hong Kong

Every week, I discover a new park, museum, hiking trail, beach, coffee shop... I can't get enough of Hong Kong awesomeness! This city constantly inspires me.

Here are 16 things that make me love Hong kong...

01. The most beautiful skyline in the world

From Tsim Sha Tsui promenade, you can see the most beautifully skyscrapers, designed by world-famous architects. A cruise in Victoria Harbor at dusk is a great option to admire the view at his best... (see n°04 below)

02. The remarkable Tian Tan Buddha

Lantau Island is full of treasures, and Tian Tan Buddha is one of them. It's an outdoor bronze statue of Buddha, calmly seated next to a beautiful monastery. You can get amazing photo opportunities at sunset, there. 

03. The fantastic array of markets

Bustling with life and colors, markets remain an everyday part of many locals life. If the Ladies Market is the most famous for visitors, there are plenty of other options. There's a business card market, a costume market, a fabric market, a flower market... and even a bird market. So, which one will you explore?

04. The leisurely five minutes ride across the victoria harbor

How can you not fall for Hong Kong when you cross the Victoria Harbor in the authentic Star Ferry? It has been shuttling residents between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon for over 120 years. Today, the Star Ferry is one of the emblems of the city. The double-deckers offers one of the world's most spectacular views...

05. A green slice of peace and quiet in the urban jungle

You'd be surprised by the numerous parks we've got in Hong Kong. In the middle of vertiginous skyscrapers is the charming Hong Kong Park. It features a little waterfall, a pond with turtles & fishes and a big aviary with around 90 species of birds native to Asia. That's a great place if you want to escape the crowds for a minute.

06. Happy Wednesdays at Happy Valley's Racecourses


There's no mid-week blues in Hong Kong. On Wednesday, it's Happy Valley Racecourses! What is that? Well, it combines the thrills of a horse race with a fully immersive social atmosphere, boasting good food, (lots of) drinks, music, shows and more. In short, it's the place to be on a Wednesday.

07. Dim Sum: a feast of delicious snacks - The cream of the crop!

You can't visit Hong Kong and not Dim Sum! It's a religion here. Whenever we have friends/family visiting, that's the first thing we do: an authentic Yum Cha experience* (*means drinking tea with Dim Sum). To know how to identify a dumpling to another, don't forget to check out Sassy's Dim Sum Dictionary - a post illustrated by me.

08. Hong Kong island's highest point & its spectacular views

Everytime I go up there, I re-realize how lucky I am to live in this wonderful city. You can either climb the Peak by a 1 to 2 hours hike from the city, or take the Peak tram. From the top, you'll see both sides of HK Island: Victoria Harbor and Repulse Bay. The view at sunset is absolutely breathtaking.

09. The authentic Green miniBuses

The Green Minibus are small buses that carry approximately 16 people -mainly locals. If you want to go for local experience, go for it. Although, the ability to speak a bit of Cantonese and having some familiarity with the city will be a bonus -there are no buttons to be pushed, and passengers need to shout "next stop please!" to get off...

10. Ngong Ping beautiful (super-fake) typical Village

Ngong Ping is considered one of HK's key attractions. So, obviously, it is very touristy -well, it's made for tourists! But every time I go there, I actually enjoy it. You can eat a local fish balls skewer and other strange Chinese food, hike around, see some cows... You'll feel really, really far from the bustling city - all that with a view on Tian Tan Buddha!

11. Flamingos hanging around near hugo boss store

That's the magic of Hong Kong! You're in a large busy street that abounds of luxury shop, then you take the first little path on your right, to you end up with flamingos, turtles, and parrots in a gorgeous park -in that case, Kowloon Park.

12. In your flip flops on the sand... in Hong Kong

As I told you, Hong Kong isn't all banks and skyscrapers. With over 200 islands, the territory is blessed with plenty of great beaches to swim, sunbathe, surf, kitesurf and windsurf on. From Hong Kong Island to Sai Kung and Lantau Island, the options are numerous! -my favorite? Cheung Sha Beach and its Thaï restaurant, in Lantau Island.

13. In the midst of the uber-crowded urban strip : Central

As its name indicates, Central is the central business district of Hong Kong. You see the famous skyline of Hong Kong? Well, you are now into the skyline. Look up for the futuristic architecture, stunning skyscrapers, luxury hotels, and huge shopping malls... Central is the place to be for lots of things: shopping, banking, partying...

14. chinese new year : An other Hong Kong 

It get very, very crowded for Chinese New Year -but it's also super festive! Hong Kong people get really excited during this period. You'll see Lion Dances, Chinese Festivals everywhere, fireworks, flowers, celebrations in temples... Then for the official days of CNY, all the shops will bring down their shutters, and you'll see a ghost city. 

15. Hong Kong's gorgeous Convention and Exhibition Center

The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre is one of the defining landmarks in Hong Kong, with its distinctive curved roof and vast expanse of glass walls creating a dramatic vista... The complex includes two of the most prestigious hotels of the island plus exhibition halls and theaters. Check out the program before you go!

16. A gondola ride with view on the international airport 

On clear days, a Ngong Ping Cable Car ride offers spectacular views on Hong Kong International Airport, the South China Sea and the jungle-clad slopes of the North Lantau Country Park. You can either choose a Standard cabin or a Crystal one, equipped with a glass bottom for a muuuch better experience -ready for vertigo?

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